Thoughtline II November 2018 – Good Will



As it has been pointed out, and as any thinking individual realizes, “…separation is a thing of the past. Unity is the goal of the immediate future. Hatred is retro-active and undesirable. Goodwill is the touchstone which will transform the world.” Discipleship In The New Age 1 P. 65

I first encountered the above some 50 years or so ago. I was particularly impressed by the final remark, “Goodwill is the touchstone which will transform the world.” We created a lovely calligraphed card, a “touchstone”, with this message and since have mailed and shared thousands of copies of it all over the world. (If you would like a copy or ten just email me

Let’s look first at the three simple statements which preceded the final statement, First of all each is a scientific fact. Take “separation” and “unity” for example. All forms are distinct from other forms. Each form is an individual. However, all forms are connected with or parts of a greater form. There is no such thing in cosmos as a separate form. We are, as we can see, separate from Jupiter and the Sun, and we are along with them, as we can also see, part of our Solar system. And, our Solar System, as we can see, is part of our Galaxy. Infinity beacons.

Earth could not exist separated from the Cosmos. Separation is an illusion. It is impossible to even imagine a separate “one”. It takes one to see one which makes two. And now we have the space between the two which makes three. So, it isn’t like we have to invent unity. All we have to do is realize that Unity IS and embrace it.

Our ancient and persistent delusion of separation has blinded us from the realization of our unification. There is only One Humanity, and every single one of the present, going on 8,000,000,000, individual human beings are individual parts of that One. “I am a point of light within a greater Light. I am a strand of loving energy within a stream of Love Divine….”

Also, once we understand the unification of Reality we will be able to see that diversity of form is infinite.

Hate is a constant companion of the illusion of separation which is fostered and promoted by fear. As we are presently witnessing, Hate and Fear are the literal substance of the Retrogressive Forces. Be not fooled, with every thought, every breath, no matter how cleverly they dress it, they radiate hate and fear. As long as we are confused by the illusion of being our separated mortal selves we will be easy victims of their Fear and Hate.

The solution? “Goodwill is the touchstone which will transform the world”.

Thing is, as I gradually realized, most people have a very shallow understanding of a “touchstone” in general, and Goodwill in particular. People mostly think of a touchstone as a standard of some sort by which the value or quality or content of another person or thing is measured. Like, how does this painting of a garden measure up to Monet’s garden paintings? Or how does this person’s villainy measure up to Iago’s, or how many karats is this diamond or hunk of gold?

All of which is fine. Touchstones, however, are so very much more. For example, many dense physical objects such as actual mineral stones of one kind or another, or garments, books, paintings, music, poetry, have been made into powerful touchstones by having various kinds of energy impressed into them by the individual who creates them. This fact is what makes art, Art. Such touchstones as anyone who has been exposed to the ancient arts can tell us, radiate the impressed energy for a very long time.

As it has been pointed out, “the word is the pedal of thought—that each word is a thunder-bearing arrow.” New Era Community #47.   Actually, all forms, from simple words and thoughtforms to dense physical objects are, touchstones. All forms embody energy of some frequency at some power level. When contacted or touched either mentally, emotionally, etherically, or on the dense physical, a form or “touchstone”, releases, radiates, delivers the energy which it holds to whatever it touches. Obviously, the relative consciousness and accompanying sensitivity of the touched one matters in terms of the kinds and qualities of forms or “touchstone” to which she or he will respond.

All such forms, including the relatively formless “images of truth which we call Ideas” Agni Yoga #122, are originally sourced from the true Touchstones. These Touchstones are the Cosmic Principles which drive our planet’s evolution. These Principles—Liberty, Equality, Justice, Freedom, etcetera—are the source, the initiating Power, of the Ideas and eventually the thoughtforms which are made manifest as our dense physical Civilizations.

One of these Principles, “The objective expression of the subjective influence of light. Rays 5 p. 253”, Good Will, is the source of an all-powerful energy. We call the Mother of the World. This Energy always has, and will again, Triumph in this present struggle with the Retrogressive forces.

Use the Power of the Mother. Use Good Will! Imagine what a government of Good Will, a government of, for, and by the People will look like, will be like.

Ignore the dark whisperer of fear and its cousin doubt. Triumph is unavoidable!

The cosmic Breath of the Mother of the World is all-pervading. Verily, all is imbued with it. From infinitesimal grains of dust to immeasurable magnitudes, life moves and breathes by this Breath. How then not to cognize the power which moves the Universe! How not to ponder upon the essence of Being! Fathom the rhythm of cosmic energy and understand the rhythm of evolution. The essence of evolution is unalterable and is measured by the manifestation of Infinity.

You who fear the end, turn your face to the radiance of the Mother of the World and affirm yourself in the understanding of evolution. There is no limit to the sendings from the Mountains. There is no limit to the warranty of the far-off worlds. There is no limit to the natural treasures of the visible and invisible spheres.

You who fear the end, turn to all four directions and say, “Let us realize Infinity!” The summits and the recesses of Earth are your sources. Limitless are the currents of these sources. If people would only know how to gather the eternally flowing currents of Infinity, then verily the laboratory of life would be realized.

The Era of Fire is approaching. Find courage and wisdom to accept it. The symbol of the serpent seizing its tail represents the circle of the events of evolution. The spiral is applied to the path of ascent.

You who fear the end, affirm yourself in the power of the spiral of Light and of the Fire of Space. Let us say, “Beautiful is the Breath of Cosmos!” Infinity #10

Tom Carney
November II – 2018

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