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Exact Time Meditation for Scorpio 2018

“…winning is not the point. Total engagement with our whole heart and will is the issue.”

Dear Fellow Warriors,

It is time!

At last! Scorpio is at hand.

The hard part of the Path for me, and I suspect for a whole bunch of others, has always been the time we have spent getting ready and waiting for the tests. Somehow, when the chips are down, when we can actually see “them” (whatever shape or form “them” are), we just naturally go All IN.

Some kind of a cool, calm, even serene, focused sense of will, I suspect, over comes us. It’s what makes warriors warriors, and it is what the last part of the data stream, “tests, trials and “Triumph”, actually means.

Whether we are as individuals engaging some one of our lingering habits, or as the Warriors of Light engaging the Forces of Retrogression over Global Freedom, Triumph actually is unavoidable.

It is worth thinking about what that means and even more interesting what it signifies.

Incidentally, at least in the way it all strikes me, winning is not the point. Total engagement with our whole heart and will is the issue.

Loving US


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