November 2018 Thoughtline – Calling All Hearts


A core concept of the Cosmic Physics which underlie the infinite Cosmos is that energy follows thought. This fact of Cosmic Physics eludes those who are still mired in the one dimensional dense physical plane of materialism. However, individuals who actually understand how Cosmos works know that everything that happens is an effect of thought driven energy.

We assume that our speech, words that come out of our mouths, is the primary result or initial effect of our thoughts. However, the ancient caution of Right Speech involves a lot more than the words that come out of mouths. As Gerard Manly Hopkins pointed out,

“Each mortal thing does one thing and the same:
Deals out that being indoors each one dwells;
Selves — goes itself; myself it speaks and spells,
Crying What I do is me: for that I came.”

Our thoughts are literally what we are. Our thoughts create and drive our presence, our appearance, our actions and what comes out of our mouths. In an actual factual way, we are the Word. This fact is what lies behind the many cautions, warning, directions regarding right speech such as this one in the ancient Teachings “But people must understand that the word is the pedal of thought—that each word is a thunder-bearing arrow.” New Era Community #47

Doing is being, and it matters. What we do just by being sets off a chain of cause and effect that impacts not just our immediate environment but space. And what we do/are is a direct result of our thought life.

I am pretty sure that a large percentage of us are not conscious of a large percentage of what we are “thinking” about or, more accurately, what we are processing or generating with our mind/brain function. And, although we do not realize it, most of us multitask. That is, we engage in mind/brain processing on several levels simultaneously. For example, while we are preparing dinner we, hopefully, pay attention to that task; but more often than not we are also deeply involved in the activity of processing data. In this case the data could be previously generated thoughtforms, concerning our day at work, or about our children’s issues at school, or about what we will wear to work tomorrow, or about some concept, or a million other things.

Every one of those thoughts, fleeting or not, is encased or embodied to some degree in energy. It is a form made out of whatever emotional or mental matter is available in our consciousness at the time. This a very important factor. The thoughtform will carry the frequency of the matter that was used by the elementals to build it. Whatever or whoever the focus of our thought is at the time of the building will be the recipient of the energy from which that form was constructed. If there is not a conscious target the thoughtform, usually only slightly constructed, will float around in the emotional/mental field generating a cloud of “smog” in which most of us walk.

So, we come back to the fact that energy follows thought, and that what we are processing in our mind/brains can possibly have a profound far reaching effect. This being the case, two considerations become basic. One is who or what is generating the thought? Two is what is the quality/source of the energy that is either being driven by the thought or is simply clogging up our emotional and mental auras?

Humanity has been engaged literally forever in a global struggle with Retrogressive Forces to implement the Principles of Right Human Relations. A new offensive to stop or retard that effort was initiated by the ancient Retrogressive Forces in 1914. It was defeated in 1918. However, as we all know, the forces of retrogression generated a renewed effort with the same agenda and goal. This WW 2, initiated in 1939 ended in defeat for the Axis powers in 1945.

Now, in this present cycle, these ancient forces still acting through various powerful and well situated human beings, but not focalized in any one or two nations, are the initiators and enforcers of the policies, programs, and actions of governments which undermine Right Human Relations, the Principles of Democracy, or the Common Good and General Welfare of many Nations. They use the grossest darkest energies of hate, fear, and the lie to drive these attacks. While feeding the powerful greedy few with luxury and a false sense of superiority and privilege, they whip into a frenzy of hate and fear the ignorant, and the poor “the huddled masses yearning to be free.”

From the beginning, the issue for the Forces of Light in this ancient struggle has never been about winning or losing. Triumph is and always has been unavoidable. It is called Evolution. The issue is about how much destruction and agony humanity will bring on itself and have to endure before it will “get it”, before it has the OH! Moment and starts to “do the right thing.” The Plan, has always been about the evolving or developing ability of each separate individual to discriminate between Illusion and Reality and then to freely choose the Lighted Way.

It took us many millions of years to get as far as we had at the beginning of the Piscean Age when the Standard Operational Procedure was not that much different than it is today: Maintain, by brutal force if necessary, the class structure of the modern “People of Quality”, the super wealthy and the Owners, and the peasants, or commoners, or employees. Murder, exile, or get rid of in one way or another, anyone who tries to bring light or understanding into the system.

Regardless of this apparent still existing ignorance, the pace of the Evolution of consciousness in comparison with how long it took us to get to where we were in Pisces to where we are now, is totally amazing. Humanity has made more progress in the past 4 or 5 hundred years than it had in the past 5 or 6 thousand years. One of, perhaps the major factual example of this acceleration, is the appearance and establishment in the collective Human mind of the concepts of Freedom and Liberty for All, and the Government of All for and by the People.

The Evolution Of Consciousness
So, in these past several hundreds of years, the evolution of consciousness from an illusory identification of the unit of consciousness or soul with its dense body to the realization of and identification with its Self, its consciousness or Soul, has accelerated at an utterly amazing rate. An excellent example of this evolution is that we, many of the present 7.6 billion of us who have chosen to incarnate at the moment, have “evolved”, undoubtedly over many incarnations, from a separative self-conscious identification with form, to an inclusive group consciousness, a kind of instinctual recognition of the obvious unity of the One Humanity and the individual responsibility for the whole, for the Common Good and General Welfare.

This concept is now a living vibrating part of the collective mind of Humanity. We call it Group consciousness. This kind of consciousness uses the heart rather than the personal will and lower-mind power of a separated personality to contact and embody the energies that follow its thoughtforms. Master M. has indicated “…there are two currents of thought, one in the brain, and another that registers in the depths of the consciousness. Usually, people are not aware of the deep consciousness, and do not realize that the most precious knowledge is not received through the brain.”Supermundane #386

Group Consciousness
Those who do realize “the deep consciousness” are heart centered individuals. As our very presence demonstrates, (We are still here and are more plentiful than ever before) the thinking and thoughts of these brothers and sisters through whom “the Plan of Love and Light can work out,” are immeasurably more powerful than the forces of retrogression. These group conscious individuals are the channel through which the power of Serenity, “from the beginning we triumphed”, and the qualities of the Principles of Justice, Liberty, Equality, Harmony, and Joy can be brought to bear on the emotional and mental fields of the current struggle.

The first and second stages, WW1 and WW2, of this renewed and current world wide struggle, or war, if you like that term, took place on the dense physical plane of the planet. As you know, both involved huge armies of humans, armaments and explosive devices (The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima killed between 60 and 80,000 people instantly!), and generated global-wide destruction of human infrastructure and massive numbers of dead and wounded people. The ancient and very powerful retrogressive thoughtform, which drove both of those wars, was and remains that one group of humans are superior to others and have the right to take from others what they want and to rule the world. Thus, Axis Forces—Germany—Japan—Italy, simply endeavored to conquer by force of arms whatever nation they thought they had a right to own.

As we know, at unbelievable human cost and suffering, the Forces of Light defeated the Axis forces in those dense physical struggles. However, the same thoughtform is basically driving the third stage of this struggle. It is very important that we understand that this phase of the struggle is not being waged, as yet, anyway, on the physical plane.

It remains a continuation of the ancient struggle for the minds and souls of Humanity. However, the “turf” involved in the current struggle is not the dense physical land of nations. The current struggle is for the dimensions of the emotional and lower mental planes of Humanity. This battle is world around and is raging every second of every day.

This struggle is more important than we know, not in terms of triumph or systemic global evolution but in terms of avoiding vastly greater significant destruction and pain for many, many of our fellow humans, to say nothing of the environments.

It seems to be clear that we incarnated when we did so that we could be here now.

Obviously, what we think about is of major importance. We think all day every day and all night too. The retrogressive forces constant stream of hate and fear cause others to fear and hate. We are not interested in hating, or punishing, or getting even, or even destroying those forces of tyranny. We are simply absolutely determined to create a planet of beauty, harmony, and joy, a planet of equality and of liberty for all.

This does not mean that we just sit around and think beautiful thoughts. It means that we do everything in our considerable power to bring Light and Love, and Power to bear in every act and every way we can. Every action we take is driven by the Cosmic Forces of Equilibrium and Synthesis.

The primary target of all retrogressive efforts is the concept of Government of, for and by the people, the “people” being the collective whole as opposed to separate individuals of power and wealth. This target was actually named in a 1981 speech by Ronald Reagan. This speech was a marvelously constructed piece of sophistry which made government the source and driver of all that was wrong with world. “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we’ve been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people.”

The term “self-rule” in that statement means the separative personalities of individuals. The “elite group” is what Reagan calls the people’s elected representatives, the members of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. The sophistic shout “Make America Great Again” actually means to eliminate government of, for and by the People, and re-instate the self-rule of the People of Quality. This is the group, the People of Quality, for whom government of, for, and by the People is a major problem.

Incidentally, as the above excerpt from Reagan’s speech models, the instinctive Machiavellian process of retrogression is to accuse the forces of Light of being and doing exactly what the retrogressive forces are being and doing.

As we mentioned, the struggle is global. There are no “local” issues. The lead poisoned water in Flint, the red tide that is flooding Florida beaches with dead fish, the collapsing bridges, the class rooms of 50 and 60 children without books or teachers, the joke of $15 an hour being a “living” wage (I could make a 20 or 30 page list) are all global issues.

These are the nuts and bolts of Justice, Freedom, and Liberty for all. When we support a “local” issue, we are using energy in a focused and wise way. There are no insignificant parts of the One Humanity.

When we go to the polls and support people who are trying to serve in a public office, who are trying to “fix” or replace these issues, we are supporting Humanity. Every vote, indeed, every thought that supports and energizes the Principles of Justice and Liberty is likewise a “thunder-bearing arrow.” These arrows of thought dis-integrate and dissipate the shadows of fear and hate. Such thoughts and actions purify the emotional and mental bodies, of our neighbors, our communities and could we but realize it, the planet.

It is not just about voting. It’s about thinking or perhaps you could call it imagining. Imagine or dream the future we want to have on this planet. Probably it would be a good thing to do, seeing as how we are all destined to return. “The Thinker contributed greatly, daring to imagine a government of peace. What if people call such daring a dream? We know that dreams pave the road to Eternity!” Supermundane #320

In this time, and precisely at this point in time, we truly need all of the power of the group heart. If we were a great battleship I would say, “All Hearts on deck.”

Tom Carney
November, 2018

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