October 2018 Thoughtline – The Aquarian Emergence

Ozymandias, King of Kings
In our living room we have a framed crazy quilt. It is a 60”X 54” rectangle made of 20 separate 14”x14” squares. The story behind the quilt is that it was created out of pieces of material taken from the ball gowns that the creator, a cousin from Mary’s side of our family, had worn in the years prior to the quilt’s creation. Many of the separate pieces have elaborate patterns embroidered into them. The fabrics are mostly silk or satin. The date stitched into one of the squares is 1886. This is 21 Years after the Civil War. We somehow inherited the quilt which we had framed to museum standards about 35 years ago. The tale that goes with the quilt is that each of the pieces that make up the squares came from the ball gowns that were worn by a great, great aunt to various social events at which specific things occurred. The quilt was used by the aunt as a kind of touch stone. Each patch carried the frequencies from some one or other, of these social events, and when the aunt would touch a particular patch she would recall the details of the event and tell the story to children and grandchildren. Alas, the original stories did not survive with the quilt. However, knowing how and when the quilt was created, and realizing that the frequencies of the social events were literally impressed into those materials by the artist or quilter, it is not difficult for one who has an imagination to register the Life in the quilt. The quilt, like all art is a message, a doorway into the realm of eternal Principles. Art is by very far, the major medium through which the Wisdom and the Teachings of the Ages have been constantly presented to us by legions of artists of all kinds. In this way, the quilt, the art becomes a touch stone, a radiating metaphor, a bridge between dimensions. Images of Truth We know that the so called Principles are frequencies or shapes of energy. When registered in the stillness of one’s higher mind, they become Ideas or “Images of Truth”. When, through the power of thought, these Ideas are coalesced with matter or very dense energy, in what we call time and space, they become what we refer to as thoughtforms, or forms of thought. These thoughtforms, again through the conscious or unconscious use of an individual’s thought, can finally manifest in denser matter as “Things”. These “things” can range in dense physical form from things like planets, solar systems, galaxies, to Eli Whitney’s cotton gin and computer programs like Facebook. The infinite field of stars that we can see with our naked eyes and our super powerful telescopes are one vast “crazy” quilt of beings of energy coalesced by the power of some Thinker’s thought into forms or matter over vast reaches of “time”. Each of them is a bridge, a doorway, a book into the intentions and the will that drove the thought that coalesced that energy into the billions of forms we see in the night skies. Understanding this, we can understand how the various galaxies and planets have come to be understood as Great Beings of deep powers and the mysteries which astrologers pursue. It is interesting to ask and ponder on the meaning and significance of, say, Venus or Jupiter, or our moon. What do you suppose the moon means, or signifies? “Oh, Oh!” Or, maybe “Well that didn’t work!” Perhaps the rings of Saturn are streams of the Intentions of some magnificent Heart/Mind coalescing into forms. On a less cosmic note, this Understanding also reveals that each of us is a work of art, a “patch” of coalesced energy in the crazy quilt we call Humanity. We are each simultaneously an individual and a group series of experiences. We and Humanity are the unavoidable results of our self-initiated experiments, stitched together over time to generate the form which we call our individual selves, and the One Humanity. We are each a story in the evolving quilt of Humanity. We are each a form, and we each make sense as an individual whole being. For those who have the wisdom to see, each of us, and the whole of us we call Humanity, is a metaphor or a bridge out of form and into the thought driven Intention which manifests as the crazy quilt of the One Humanity. The great question we pursue is, always has been, what is the Intention of the Intender? The answer to that question we have finally come to realize cannot be discovered by the Intellect. It can only be provided by the Heart. In the 18 million years or so since the “Lords of the Flame…. took control of the evolution of humanity upon this planet” Letters on Occult Meditation P. 355, it is an observable fact that some individuals and some groups of us, in our long and deep struggle with the Forces of Retrogression, have from time to time bordered on insanity. Insanity always signifies the loss of the coalescing power of Synthesis, which holds the unimaginable diversity of this planet and us together in a rational whole. When Synthesis is lost, the quilt of the city or nation or the individual fractures into a multitude of separate scraps. Wholes, meaning, harmony, all is lost, and sinks into the meaningless whirl of chaos. History offers us numerous mega examples of the dis-integration of such ancient nations, kingdoms, and cities as well as individuals.
“I met a traveler from an antique land, Who said— “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed; And on the pedestal, these words appear: My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.” Percy Bysshe Shelley
Human history or at least the parts of the planet about which we know anything has, literally for eons, been more chaos and ignorance than reason and unity. Occasional and usually relatively brief periods of sanity and reason would establish a semblance of order. Even then it was because a very few strong-willed individuals forced order upon a population. However, as we can see, gradually over the centuries Humanity evolved more and more from ignorance into Light and understanding. Eventually, the endless struggles of countless Heroes produced what we call the renaissance of 1300. A part of that and a tiny step toward Freedom was the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. Once the light gets turned on, it becomes harder and harder to turn it off and easier and easier to make it brighter. Over the past 300 years, this unfolding has occurred with stunning speed. I understand how “time” is a thing that we sort of made up so that we could try to make some sense of all of this stuff, and as I said the other day, “beginnings always look like endings.” So, in this endlessly long chain of cause and effect, or beginnings and endings, and just for the sake of having one, I like to think of the present beginning as the very interesting, simultaneous appearance of a number of individuals of relatively advanced consciousness on the continent called America. This small group of individuals had the understanding and courage to generate what we think of as the Declaration of Independence and the creation of what we call the Constitution of The United States of America. For those who can see the long Plan, this amazing coalescence of consciousness, in individuals was anything but a coincidence. Today, now, we have made enormous advances to free ourselves from the psychotic notion of our existence as separate and separated individuals totally and forever locked into some insane competition to prove our innate worth by murdering and enslaving each other. True, there are multitudes of those who are still very much wallowing in that tar pit. These brothers and sisters trapped in their delusions are still generating a great deal of pain and suffering for themselves and millions of others. However, as our very presence demonstrates, the Great Wheel of Intention, what we think of as evolution, will not, actually cannot, be stopped. If we see ourselves as a part of this ages and ages long, unavoidable evolution it becomes obvious that what has been and is going on is the gradual expansion of human consciousness. Today it is obvious to those who are looking that the consciousness of a significant percentage of the 7.6 billion units of consciousness or souls currently incarnated has expanded to the point that they freely choose to embrace this unavoidable motion and to consciously move with it rather than to ignorantly but freely choose to remain in the dead-end embrace of the delusion of separation. The Path of Light Focusing our attention on the emerging, or evolving, or unfolding side of the Great Intention will reveal not only the path of delusion out of which we have been evolving, but the Path ahead. This Path is the path into Light, the path into Equilibrium and Synthesis which enables us to serve the Great Unfolding with Comprehension, Love, and Power. This ongoing expansion of consciousness can be seen all around the planet in the billions of efforts by individuals to serve their sisters and brothers in multitudes of ways, sharing what they have in the way of knowledge, skill or the “concretized energy” we call money, to enhance the Common Good and General Welfare. What is emerging in human consciousness in this new Age of Aquarius is an awareness of an Eternal Fact of Cosmic Physics concerning the Unified and Synthetic nature of Cosmos. That Humanity is One is getting easier for multitudes to understand. That Humanity is an integral part of the Synthesis which this planet is, is also gaining understanding by millions of individuals who are concerned with our environment. Big pictures are easier to see. And, the Aquarian Emergence is unavoidably obvious in the rapidly emerging unification in many of the major areas of our present national and global Life. First and most significant in my view is the emerging equality of women. The Emerging Equality of Women. As in all unifications, this one had to start out with individual women realizing and claiming their status as self-actualized individuals of equal worth to men. This was an ages long and very hazardous struggle for the millions of truly heroic women implementers who, over time in many, many tiny actions as well as major efforts, moved their status forward. The task was to overcome a planned and executed effort on the part of the Retrogressors to divide or split humanity into superior and inferior factions. The eventual triumph of Women, at great cost, was necessarily inevitable, and is obviously occurring. This huge expansion of human consciousness is recognized and cheered by all except the still benighted few, many of whom unfortunately occupy positions of power in many of the Planet’s governing bodies. The Power of One As the extraordinary and continuing developments of the past 10 years reveal, the unification of Women is very much underway and is growing in power every day. Women are realizing themselves to be not just self-actualized individuals but One Unified Force. Their power as One is, to make it simple, the power of Creation. By splitting Humanity into inferior and superior groupings, the Retrogressors warped the natural power of creation by making the feminine aspect inferior to the masculine and thereby removing much of the feminine aspect which links Intention through love with Creation. This one factor lies at the root of all war, slavery, and dominance of one group by another. Such actions are unthinkable (and by unthinkable, I mean that they would never occur as a solution to any problem) by the Cosmic Creative “Feminine” Power. The Disease of Racism Second is the rapidly occurring understanding by group conscious individuals in all races that that they are all parts of the One Humanity. No race, let alone sex, is superior or inferior to any race. There is only One Humanity. The One Humanity, like the One Animal, Plant, or Mineral Kingdom, manifests in an unimaginable diversity. The fact that Humanity manifests through thousands of diverse cultures, languages, eye shapes, and shades of skin color is no more weird or strange than the fact of diversity we see in the mineral, plant, and animal Kingdoms. There are, for example an estimated 400,000 species of plants that make flowers. What we call Racism is actually a huge very powerful mental disease that infects large sectors of Humanity. It was/is another tool in the war chest of the Retrogressors to split and divide Humanity into as many warring factions as possible. The disease is transmitted from one person to another thorough the implantation of ancient, very powerful thoughtforms of ignorance and lies into the consciousness of other individuals. It grows there, and over time it manifests through powerful thoughts and acts of fear and hate. These thoughts are driven by the delusion that one’s race is superior to other races. This disease fosters and feeds the psychic aberration of competition and presents serious problems in how one sees reality and how one reacts to various issues and encounters in one’s life. Racism, as anyone who is conscious can see, is still very much with us. However, I think that since the visit to Humanity by the Lighted person we knew as Martin Luther King Jr., racism in this nation and the world is beginning to fade. We have been watching the huge racially mixed, unified in intention, and comradery, crowds of women, men and children that have been gathering and marching for freedom and equality in this country and in others all over the place. We also note the fact that a black person was elected twice to be the president of the U.S, and a Prince of the English Crown recently became the husband of Meghan Markel who is the child of a black woman, Doria Ragland. The Cure for Racism MLK said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Light and Love are two of the major energy frequencies of the Aquarian Emergence. Those familiar with the Science of the Rays know these as the 1st Ray of Will/Power and the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom. Racism was/is one of the primary tools that the Ancient Forces of Retrogression used to plant and feed the delusion of Separation, a flower that can only grow in the darkness of ignorance. As the Light and Love of Aquarius grows brighter, the activity of the third major emergence frequency of the Aquarian Emergence, the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Energy Manipulation will enable us to begin to manifest new appearances, “…rather than a system, an appearance based upon the Ceremonial Magic or the organization of light, color, sound, and vibration.” Ashramic Projections P.70 The National Issue Third is the ongoing and most difficult struggle to bring the sanity and realization of the One Humanity to realize the fact of the United Nations. With the creation of the United Nations in 1945 we have already made huge steps in this regard. Since its founding, however, the U.N. has been handicapped. “The unconditional veto possessed by the five governments has been seen by critics as the most undemocratic character of the UN….However, the United States refused to join the United Nations in 1945 unless it was given a veto….Supporters of the veto power regard it as a promoter of international stability, a check against military interventions, and a critical safeguard against U.S. domination.” Wikipedia, United Nations Security Council veto power This situation reflects the ancient lingering ignorance of the delusion of separative self-consciousness on a global and nationwide scale. Imagine what the situation in the United States would look like if “States Rights” included the right to veto what each State personally did not like or was concerned that California or New York would try to take over other states? One Planet Many Nations As the Aquarian emergence continues, billions of recently incarnated units of consciousness who understand that the things we value most, Equality, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all, actually means for ALL, for Humanity. Millions of these Sisters and Brothers have already come of age, and perhaps billions more are following closely. (Everyone loves to be at the opening of the Play.) They cannot not be concerned about and aware of the Common Good and General Welfare. This kind of awareness for a group conscious individual is as automatic as breathing. As these group conscious individuals, many, many of whom do not realize that they are “group conscious” but are just deeply concerned with the rights and welfare of others, move into positions in the national governments of the world, the ancient decadent concepts of prior Ages will more and more rapidly disintegrate. Group conscious individuals understand that if a thing is good, it is good for everyone. Right sharing means that everyone has what is needed to evolve. As it is realized to be the effects of an insanity based in the delusion that one is one’s property, the notion of accumulating vast hordes of money and property to demonstrate one’s worth and superiority over others will rapidly fade. The energy field of individual units of consciousness which is not yet compatible with this fact will, after their natural death, be unable to reincarnate into this planetary energy field. This is the pattern of the evolution of consciousness on this planet. It is Science. It is nothing new or extraordinary. It has been going on for longer than any of us can imagine. As our long, long history reveals, this process was slowed down again and again by Retrogressive Forces and it even required a “re-set” or something like that, after the fiasco of Atlantis. However, HERE WE ARE! Once more, we have hearts. We have Love. We have minds. We can Think, and Energy Follows Thought. Imagine with that love and power driving our thoughts what the Future will look like, because that’s what it will look like. Tom Carney October 2018 A Printable PDF file of this month’s issue

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