Virgo 2018 Exact Time Letter and Notice


Dear Friends,

Couple of things.

First, Virgo is the energy medium, the womb the cave in time through which the Christ child is born. “… the keynotes of this sign convey their meaning clearly and there is no need for me to elucidate.… Later, upon the wheel of the disciple, the voice emerges from the Virgin Herself and she says: ‘I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am.’  Ponder upon the beauty of this synthesis and teaching and know that you yourself have said the first word as the soul, descending into the womb of time and space in a far and distant past. The time has now come when you can, if you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divine aspects—matter and Spirit, the mother and the Christ.” Esoteric Astrology P 324, 5

Second, in Supermundane 2 circa 1938, Master M pointed out, “You can observe the rapid advance of evolution. Not only by generations, but even by decades, one can measure the considerable progress of life. Experienced observers should carefully and objectively collect facts about the progress of evolution through the decades. Truly, one can declare that the New Era is approaching! Even if many things are misunderstood and distorted, new possibilities are entering life, and will in time influence humanity’s level of consciousness.”

Humanity has a whole lot to do with evolution in general and how fast it advances in particular. It’s the issue of Free Will. More and more humans have over many in carnations freed themselves from identifying with the prisons of their own forms. As these sisters and brothers incarnate they can and do consciously use their energies for the benefit of the Common Good. Thus, Evolution, that is the manifestation of the Plan, will proceed. In the last 40 years or so, world population went from 4.5 to 7.6 billion. 1,000,000,000 of those souls incarnated within the last 10 years.

Along with this massive explosion of incarnating sisters and brothers over the last 40   years, we have had an equally massive explosion of women claiming their Natural Rights and Equality.  Obviously, a significant number of the incarnating souls, both females and males, are hip to the fact that, “The time has now come when you can, if you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divine aspects—matter and Spirit, the mother and the Christ.”

They do “So Choose” as the global demonstrations and current political movements in the U.S. and other nations demonstrate. The “Christ in you, the hope of glory” is the “synthesizing keynote” of Virgo.

For Humanity, Virgo (Rays 1,6,4,1,2) is about the emergence of the evolving human consciousness, or the Christ in us, into the arena of the dense physical plane. This is happening very energetically now. It has been a very, very, long time in coming, but there are a significant number of our sisters and brothers within those billions of recently incarnating units of consciousness who know exactly what they are and why they are here. You can tell them by the way heart concerns drive their behavior, and sees through the blizzard of lies and fear that is being generated, literally, by the death throes, the last gasps of the disappearing forces of retrogression.

Lots of love


Exact Time Full Moon Meditation

The Link for the meditation is below.

This is the notification for the exact time meditation group for the Full Moon of Virgo in 2018

Everyone on the list may not have a copy of Full Moon Magic 2019-2021, so we will provide the essential data that is found in that publication. (For a copy Full Moon Magic 2019-2021 email to
Please Note:

The first time given below is Pacific Standard Time. The second time is GMT time. When and where Daylight Savings Time is in use, add one hour to the given times.


Ray II, VI

Exoteric Ruler, Mercury (Ray IV)

Esoteric Ruler, Moon, (Ray IV) veiling Vulcan (Ray I)

Hierarchical Ruler, Jupiter, (Ray II)

The dates and exact time for the full moon of Virgo are as follows:

August 26, 2018 @    3:57 AM PST

August 26, 2018 @    11:557 AM GMT

Seed Thought:

The Reappearing Christ


The Law of Right Human Relations

Will Aspect:

Ray 2.  Love-Wisdom……………The will to unify.

Expressed in humanity as the cause of vision or the power to see.

The LINK for the Exact time Meditation

New Meeting
Sunday, Aug 26, 2018 4:40 AM – 6:40 AM PDT

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


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