September 2018 Thoughtline – The Power of the Human Heart



The end is close, but it is not over yet! Anyone who is familiar with the metaphors of art, theater, music, poetry that our great Teachers have over the ages used to reveal the Cosmic Facts of Life knows that the denouement does not usually end without a series of frequently very unpleasant and rather significant events, messages, and indeed, revelations.

It is always in the final steps to the leap that the dark whisperers of fear and doubt strike. Vigilance, common sense and joy are of the utmost importance as we approach any end. “The slightest doubt will…decrease one’s nervous stamina. Those who doubt cannot sit upon water or walk through fire.” Supermundane #424.

I’m just saying, “From the beginning they struggled. From the beginning We conquered.” Triumph is as unavoidable as it has ever been. And Triumph always has and does now depend on the power of the Human Heart.

So, because it is getting very near an extremely important end/beginning, it would be a good thing for as many of us as possible to understand, at least partially, the gravity of what is unfolding, what the stakes are, and what we can, must, and will do about it.

The Problem
“The world that humanity has created has become a prison, and it claims humanity and humanity’s efforts. It claims humanity’s resources, it takes everything that humanity is and has to give at this time unto itself. This is the primary problem. Lucille Cedercrans Ashramic Projections P. 58/9 (Circa 1951-1963)

Today, right now, humanity is deeply engaged in the continuing world war. Rather than the invasion of Europe by the Nazis or the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Imperialists, this stage of the war was quietly initiated by Retrogressive Forces a few years after they were defeated on the dense physical plane in 1945. It is sheer, one dimensional naivety to assume that because bombs are not raining down on all of our cities and armadas of ships and troops are not assaulting our shores that we, and I mean Humanity, are not actually at war and under severe attack.

The Global Presence
Since 1945, or so, their progress and success has led to the accumulation of vast wealth and economic power being concentrated in the hands of small groups of individuals. These individuals are not isolated in a single nation such as Germany or Japan as they were in the last stage. They are located world-wide, and they have centers of varying levels of power in many Nations. They work through the power of thought upon greed, and fear. They find many witting or unwitting accomplices in many different places.

The Internet Front
This war has been going forward with gathering ferocity on the emotional and mental planes of human life for the past 60, or so years. In the past 35 years or so a whole new nondense-physical front of this war was opened on what we call the Internet. And today Retrogressive Forces financed and driven by great wealth have penetrated not only the email and media communication systems that we use to inform ourselves and to elect our Government officials from the President down, but the electronic systems and programs that control many of our energy and human relations infrastructures such as our national electronic, economic, electrical power, and transportation infrastructure.

International Goals
The focus of this attack is to compromise and erode any and all systems of Free Will and democratic principles which foster the Common Good and General Welfare of any Nation. Their goal is to gain control of the freely elected governments and to then institute programs and policies that further the ends of fascism, the absolute right of the superior few to rule everyone else.

Retrogressive forces work by using their great wealth to literally purchase elections through the electronic manipulation of our election systems and providing massive financial support of individuals who will vote as they are told. They also attack in many ways anyone on any front who opposes their agendas. When they do not have sufficient power to pass their agendas into law through existing government agencies, they do everything in their power to obstruct the efforts of the People’s Government.

The forces of Retrogression, using their great power to manipulate people’s greed, fear, and hate, mold or craft uncountable numbers of complex policies and issues into beguiling and confusing sophistic tools. They employ these tools through their many outlets into the public mind to “con” people into accepting or believing that those who have wealth and power are superior individuals who truly care for the People and want only to make government work for them.

This ongoing assault, was very much undercover for years. Amazingly, however, this rather secret or veiled war suddenly came out of the closet and was announced, or declared, or made public in the United States by Ronald Reagan in his January 20, 1981 Inaugural Address when he stated that “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

The Dark Plan
In this remark, although still not recognized by very many people, Reagan revealed the Dark Plan to make America Great Again. The remark signaled an open and direct attack on the very heart of Democracy, Government of, for, and by the People. And once again we could see that the power and the agendas of the Retrogressive Forces are not just in direct opposition to Democracy but to Evolution.

The Ancient Struggle
This war is about the same thing which most wars have been about from the beginning. It is the ancient struggle by Humanity to live either in a world in which each human being has a free will, and the Cosmic Principles of Equality, of Life, Liberty, and Justice are guaranteed for ALL, or to live in a world in which some single person, or a few individuals claiming Divine Right, or something like it, assert as fact that they know what is best for the ALL.

Through sophistry and brute force they endeavor to become Kings, or absolute Rulers by some name or other. Thus, they endeavor to deny Humanity the very things that make Humans human, the free will and equality of all.

The Solution
This current stage of the world war brought into the Light by Reagan, is unlike the first two stages, in so far as the blitzkrieg is being largely waged on the subtle planes of humanity’s emotional and mental bodies. It uses energies that do not directly kill or injure human beings or directly destroy dense physical structures like cities.

However, the energy being used is the most powerful energy in the Cosmos. It is called thought.

Energy Follows Thought
The fact that thought drives energy or that “energy follows thought”, is not widely known or understood. It is becoming more and more imperative that enough of us become conscious of and understand this fact of cosmic physics. What we think every day, and whether or not we are conscious of our thoughts, they matter greatly.

As any group consciously involved person knows, the Retrogressive forces have gained control over and weaponized large sectors of our modern media. With this weapon, using the energy of thought, they generate huge non-stop waves of lying propaganda to manipulate with fear and hate the personalities and consequently the actions of many of our sisters and brothers. Thought is being used to generate hate, fear, and doubt which while not killing the human body generates separating walls of doubt, despair, hopelessness, and a loss of free will.

What To Do
Heartful participation in physical actions, marches, demonstrations, efforts to “get out the vote”, using what money one has to support individuals who resonate with the Common Good and Good Will are all excellent and energize thoughts of power and Light.

Also, remember that we are thinking beings. We think all day, all the time. Mostly, we are not aware of our thinking. It is something we just do. Yet our thoughts are really the base of our individual power.

Energy follows thought. This is an anciently known and used fact. Intelligence does not think. It processes data and builds or creates forms to embody what is being directed into it by the consciousness.

What matters then is who or what consciousness is directing the thought.

The Polarity Shift
Over an enormous span of what we call time, the evolution of humanity has moved the location of the consciousness – of the who or the what – from a polarity of emotion-directed energy for satisfaction of insatiable desires, to an intellect-based separative, selfish polarity. However, our deeply ingrained separative identification with our physical existence and personas still wields enormous control over why and how we use thought. Selfish desire, powered now by the huge expansion of our intelligence, still plays a large part in the thoughts that drive what “comes down” or gets embodied.

This delusion of form identification has persisted and is still probably dominant in human life. However, the evolution of consciousness has and is gradually moving the polarity from the delusion of being a totally separated unit of consciousness into the realization of being an actual part of the One Humanity, or from a separated self consciousness to a unified group consciousness.

This growing realization immeasurably increases the clarity and power of any single separated self-conscious person’s thought in two ways. It hooks each one up with the whole or the Heart of humanity. And it leads the consciousness out of the illusion of form reality into the cosmos of Infinite Principles.

It is precisely here that thinking, loving, and determined individuals can best counter these retrogressive forces. We must begin to understand that thought moves energy, and that by conscious thinking each of us can participate in what is a human wide struggle for our way of life on this planet. Consciously, lovingly, deliberately, directed thoughts are the most powerful thing in Cosmos. “The word is the pedal of thought…each word is a thunder-bearing arrow.” New Era Community #47

Yes, the retrogressors have powerful media outlets to spew their lying propaganda. But we do not need to have all of this dense physical equipment and technology to fill space with living, overwhelmingly more powerful thoughtforms and visions of Truth.

We each were born with the equipment to create and transmit thought. If we can each consciously spend a few minutes several times a day using our love and imaginations to visualize a world of equality and joy (however we each would see that) and our heartfelt pure reasoning will to project that vision into the thought life of humanity, events would begin to rapidly change.

The Power of the One Life
Realize, when we think with the heart, each one is everyone. That is the power of the One Life.

Have no fear! Have no doubt! It is close, but it is not over yet! I’m just saying, “From the beginning they struggled. From the beginning We conquered.” Triumph is as unavoidable as it has ever been. And Triumph always has and does now depend on the power of the Human Heart and those who have the courage and will to “dream”.

Tom Carney
September 2018


Imagine banner by Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts
Imagine banner by Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

John Lennon……      9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980

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