July 2018 Thoughtline – Separation to Synthesis

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After the advent of the “fire lance” or proto gun in tenth century China, the development of ever more efficient ways of killing exploded. Gradually the hallucination of needing weapons to protect ourselves from being killed by weapons has become by very far the most important area for the expenditure of the people’s money. We, the People of the U.S., now own the most effective, extensive and multifaceted ability to kill others than most of the rest of the world put together.

This arsenal includes everything from simple armor piercing bullets that travel at 3150 feet a second and the intercontinental rockets to deliver Hbombs anywhere we don’t like. For example, the military budget for 2018, proposes that 59% or $679 billion of the $1.5 Trillion discretionary budget be spent on the military.  This is more than the next 7 largest military budgets in the world. www , March 22, 2017

Meanwhile, Education at all levels, gets 5% or 61 billion.

59% for Death, 5% for Education
This is one of several concrete facts concerning the present gross level of inequality and imbalance that we have reached in terms of creating a life enhancing and supporting system for the evolution of Humanity. Such facts are also the direct effect of the control of legislative or government power being wielded by those individuals and their followers in the top 10% of the supposed superior moneyed and powerful few.

This data is nothing new. It is the same old cancer with which Humanity has been grappling since the beginning. Today we see it being displayed in all of its heartless ignorance, greed and arrogance daily and blatantly.

What is new is that in the past couple of hundred years this condition has become more and more obvious to people in general. Consequently, more and more individuals previously comfortably sleeping in their apparent material security, are being awakened to some rather terrifying facts concerning not only their own personal security but the actual freedom and liberty of the democratic way of life. While this display of ignorant cruelty was/is painful to see and especially to endure, it is accomplishing what no amount of reasonable and clear information and discussion in the past 60 years or so was able to.

An all-out offensive on the part of the Retrogressive Forces who had retreated to their strongholds of wealth and power after their defeat in Europe and Japan, resurfaced in 1981 with the election of Ronald Reagan. The offensive was initiated by an incredible warning that went all but totally unheard or challenged by the people. “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Reagan, Inaugural Address, 1981

The past 37 years have seen a planned, steady, stealthy deterioration of the Principles of Equality and Liberty for all that are the heart of government of, for, and by the People. And as a result of the recent election, we are today living the culmination of that intention.

It is foolish to assume that the Forces of Retrogression are confined to or concerned with such things as national boundaries or laws. Their concern is global. The manipulation of The United States system for electing its government by Retrogressive Forces succeeded in the election of Donald Trump as President. Although major, this was just one of numerous similar assaults made in the last 4-5 years.

Empowering Chaos
Thus we have watched the empowerment of heartless greed, fascism, racism and religious fanaticism. These forces are once again being used globally to split humanity into chaotic, warring factions, and they are being used nationally to destroy the fabric of our Common Good.

The free universal educational system has been all but destroyed. The social programs of shared wealth for the Common Good like the Social Security and the still woefully inadequate health programs are under constant attack. Essential environmental laws and protections are being dismantled or ignored.

Meanwhile the billionaires reap huge tax deductions and grow daily more exclusive and privileged.

These and many others are effects of actions taken by the Forces of Retrogression in the U.S. In the past 24 months, these actions and their effects have reached a culminating point and show no signs of stopping. Understandably, many, many people are being disheartened and sinking into apathy and despair which is the goal of these evil forces.

Tactica Adversa
However, as it has always done time after time in the history of our very long struggle with these forces of evil, it is their very wrath and hate that calls out the inevitable counterblow of the Light. (You would think that these guys would have gotten it after they were ejected from “heaven”, but hate dies hard.) The counterblow which is known as Tactica Adversa always has and always will destroy them.

The evidence of the rapidly approaching and final defeat of these dark forces is the fact of the appearance of billions of group conscious women, men, and, so called, children all over the world. To see and understand this evolutionary advancement, it is necessary to understand the difference between self and group consciousness.

Self-consciousness, an essential aspect of the Great Unfolding through which all humans must pass, is the effect of the gradual realization that we are more than a tribe member. We are distinct individuals who are capable of making choices for ourselves.

An important, perhaps major, part of the Plan which includes the gift of Free Will was/is to see if an individual with all of the faculties of a developed human could actually learn that while one was a distinct individual, one was also simultaneously a synthetic part of the One Humanity. And one could therefore learn to make choices and take actions that would further the Common Good rather than the separative selfish acquisition of power and wealth for the separated self over others.

This fact of Reality has to be discovered and freely chosen by each one. Imposition of anything on an individual’s free will is not allowed in the experiment. A very brief look at our long, long history reveals what a tremendously difficult proposition this was, especially with the Forces of Retrogression doing their utter best to block it at every move. However, after who knows how many incarnations, more and more of us gradually figured this out.

Group Consciousness
One’s environmental surroundings, rich, poor, education, nation or the age of one’s dense physical equipment in any given incarnation have very little to do with learning this Reality or with the present level of one’s self or group consciousness. Millions and lately billions of us, having achieved at least some levels of understanding over many incarnations regarding this Reality, have been born unconsciously group conscious.

Group consciousness is simply the instinctual comprehension or understanding, of the undeniable fact of the one Humanity. One simply knows this with or without any conscious brain awareness, or intellectual formulation of it. Group consciousness is the evolutionary synthesis of mass and self-consciousness. It includes both but is distinctly more that either one.

For some in this current incarnation this realization (thanks to the Lords of Karma) has a lot of mentally and experimentally acquired understandings behind it, such as that we are all immortal beings incarnated as basically unique individual manifestations of the same Human Being, and that we all have identical loves, hopes, and needs.

For others, probably most others, this knowledge is simply something with which they have incarnated. It is natural for them. It is not something that they believe. It is something that they know.

The Window of Wisdom
This wisdom lays bare the ridiculous absurdities of fascism, racism, and the insanity of guns. These sisters and brothers “instinctively” know that there is no separation between us on levels of Life which matter. They “get” without any intellectual data or tortured reasoning that systems of any kind that tend to separate us into classifications of privilege, of differing essential worth or value or rights, are anti-human systems and are the products of ignorance and separative delusions concerning the nature of Reality.

This is the nature of the phenomena that we see playing out in our so called “children”. These “children” are reincarnating consciousnesses. I mean how much data do we need, to know beyond any doubt, that a tiny child lying dead on a beach and being rolled back and forth by the surf is an effect of inhuman, heartless policies?

These individuals from all nations and walks of life express, or perhaps model, this deep seated awareness in multitudes of ways, not the least of which is resisting, or marching or sitting in, or simply thinking in their hearts about how each one is precious and loved.

Population Explosion!
In the past 44 years world population has increased 3.5 billion to 7.5 billion. Since 1940 U.S. Population has increased from 132 million to 327 million, or 40%. It is anybody’s guess as to the actual percentage of these recently incarnated billions who have achieved a level of group consciousness that enables them on some level to participate in the Plan for this planet. I think it is reasonable to say that billions of those human beings who have achieved various levels of this Truth over the course of many lives or, to be scientifically accurate (since there is no “death”) incarnations are presently incarnating, that is, being born.

It Is Not a Miracle
This enormous increase in population over a very brief period of time is not some accident or something by chance. As MM has indicated, “In Cosmos nothing happens by chance”. Supermundane 443  This fact is not to be marveled at. It is an intended aspect of the evolution of Humanity on this planet. It has been a long, long time in coming.

The question is, why now? I’m just asking. What do you imagine would encourage all of these consciousnesses, or souls if you like, to freely choose to incarnate at this particular time?

The Great Unfolding
I think that it is necessary to recall that it is Humanity that is evolving, and that it is a group conscious Humanity that is manifesting the future. We, some of us anyway, talk a lot about the Path, and over the centuries we have seen the Path as the way out of the delusions of form identification. We have had images of, and actual experiences with, sacrifice, bloody and painful images and experiences, that had to be faced and overcome. We have had the images of the long, long, long tunnel of darkness and pain that finally ends in Light.

This was the Path from self to group consciousness. Because of the early programming by various dark forces our identification with our bodies and the fear of death, was very powerful, and that path of pain and sacrifice was probably unavoidable at the get go. Free Will could not be imposed upon anyone. We each had to find the way through a series of incarnations of experiencing and learning. So, by dribs and drabs, and in spite of the non-stop retrogressive efforts, some few of us would make it. After eons, it slowly began to become clear as we recognized more of the Light that was within us that sacrificing stuff like our best cow, or, imagine, our favorite child, really did not do it, and that the notion that there was some kind of wrathful, psychotic who demanded such things which totally violated our sense of free will was bunk and probably part of the programming.

Taking Over
Over the past 3-4 hundred years a constantly growing number of us, many, of whom were being raised totally outside of any kind of religious training, figured out just based on Common sense and honed by a lot of karmic training that instead of basically killing ourselves trying to let go of the impediments that were blocking the Light, there was a better, faster, relatively painless, and frequently overwhelmingly joyful Path. It’s more of a deliberately, consciously taking over than a letting go thing. It’s a kind of top down or inside out path.

The real Path, it turns out, is the one that comes through the heart and shines into the Cave. It is possible, it turns out, to go from 1 to 9 or dense physical identification to the realization that we are not the darkness of matter, but the Light in the matter, in a single jump. I mean, it is really not necessary to crawl all that way out of the cave to the Light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, as we crawl, it was not that we are getting closer to the mouth of the cave; it is that we are seeing the Light that was always in us.

The Cave of Ignorance
Our ignorance is the cave that Plato is talking about. Largely, in our case, our ignorance is the very intelligence developed in its highest possible degree developed to its highest possible level in the first Solar System that locks us into our identification with matter. The Greeks, as are we, were very intelligent. It is so, that Intelligence may get us there eventually, but you know how the very intelligent (3rd ray folks) like to do all the little side roads, and “What about this?”, and “Have we tried that?” stuff.

The Triumph of Evolution
For those of us who understand, evolution is actually an inside out energy manifestation thing. Think of this in terms of the evolution of the planet from the Piscean 3-6 Ray lash up to the Aquarian 1-2-7 Ray manifestation. Well, whatever the method, many of us have been and are at various levels of group consciousness in our present incarnations.

Because of our growing group consciousness, many of us were “different”. We had and still have lots of problems identifying with the competitive, survival nature of the societies into which we had incarnated. Many of us tried to live according to those rules, and usually failed. We usually got a rather direct message, “Hello! This is not what you’re supposed to be doing!”

The Polarity Shift
Basically, very basically, what we can observe, if we look, are the effects of the polarity of Humanity moving from an ancient intellect or emotional/lower mental focus to a higher-mind/buddhic or Heart focus. This evolutionary development puts the higher-mind into contact with the “principles which the Masters know and serve.” Or, if you like, the top three sub-planes of the Mental plane into contact with the Atmic and Nirvanic plane.

We have not as yet found suitable language to replace some of the ancient names for these higher dimensions, but in the kind of vulgar or common speak that Dante used in the Inferno, it is simply a matter of recognizing that what is called intellect manipulates “mental” energy or thought-forms. Intellect does not think. It processes data. It does not consider the effects of its manipulation in terms other than whether it implements or manifests the will of the manipulator or not. Intellect is not concerned with the weighty, but “weightless” things such as morality, or compassion, or beauty, or cruelty, or slavery, or, starvation.

Data Processing Vs. Thinking
Intellect does not think. Thinking is what occurs when we are able to shut down for even a tiny moment the thought processing of the intellect’s use of the mind to make the mind receptive to impression from the higher, formless dimensions of Ideas, or Principles or Significance.

Thinking operates from the Heart through the mind. Its output is Wisdom. It is universal. It is found on every level of humanity. It does not require a degree in ethics from Harvard or that one has inherited a hundred million dollars. Race, sex, even age, are not factors. What does discriminate is the level and quality of Consciousness with which the individual has incarnated and how well that consciousness can withstand the early years of self-centered and competitive conditioning that most of us usually encounter.

What we are seeing today is the mass breaking out by billions of incarnating consciousnesses of that ability to live through the retrogressive conditioning and stand for the internal Principles that one instinctively knows from the experiences of many incarnations.

It was noted that “From the beginning they struggled and from the beginning we conquered.” We are living in the Liberation of Humanity. This is the meaning and significance of what has been called The New Age.

Tom Carney
June 16, 2018

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