May 2018 Thoughtline – The Unavoidable Evolution of Consciousness


Consciousness is one of those abstract concepts like love or beauty or joy, which has a basic, essential meaning and significance. However, this meaning and significance has been practically lost as the result of the many millions of years of human identification with the forms which consciousness inhabits rather than consciousness. For example, today, the accepted boiler plate definition of consciousness is “The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.” This is an opinion of humans who are primarily identified with their dense physical bodies. It is not a definition of consciousness. It is a definition of the fluctuating condition of a human body in which Consciousness exists.

The persons who are identified with their body are said to be “conscious” if they are “awake and aware of their surroundings”. This is not what consciousness is. Consciousness is within a human body as long as that body is “alive”. When a person appears to be what is called unconscious, he or she, the consciousness inhabiting that body, is simply focused on some other plane of awareness.

When Consciousness actually departs from the body, the body does what we call die. Consciousness does not die. It is precisely immortal, or not mortal.

Hence, consciousness is beyond any effort to define it with conventional intellectual form focused assumptions. This is why we have metaphor, why we have Art: music, poetry, painting, sculpting, and frankly, real science, including the science of meditation. For a poet’s effort to metaphorize consciousness see “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” by John Donne, or “When I have Fears That I May Cease to Be” by John Keats.

Consciousness is Life. Consciousness is infinite awareness. There is no thoughtform, no Idea, no Principle, no container that can do other than signify Infinity. Consciousness of varying kinds and degrees is the Life, the Soul within all forms, organic or inorganic, which gives those forms presence in dense matter.

The Fourth or Human Kingdom

It was precisely a kind of conscious immortal presence, what we call the Soul in every human being which made humanity a new kingdom. Humans, all of whom have animal bodies, evolved into being “…in the middle of the third root race [The Lemurian]….The Fourth or Human Kingdom appeared as a result of the implanting of the spark of mind in animal man by the Lords of Flame.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire P 425. The planting of the spark of mind, a kind of consciousness, allowed the consciousness within the animal bodies to evolve from strictly animal consciousness, a kind of mass consciousness, into the next phase of consciousness, what we call self consciousness. Thus the Fourth Kingdom continued the Great Unfolding.

What the earliest humans became “awake to and aware of” was a kind off awareness or consciousness of their dense physical bodies as being separate from other humans. This is what we call “self” awareness. Since that time evolution in the Human Race has been the gradual but inevitable growing awareness by the individual consciousness with in each human being of the fact that he or she is not the body but rather the thinker, the consciousness that inhabits and operates the body.

This is evolving from the darkness into the Light. As so wonderfully expressed in the metaphor we call “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato some 2500 years ago, human consciousness has been expanding from its prison of form identification into an enlightenment, an awareness of our multidimensional reality for millions of years. A small but growing number of individuals have been gradually grasping the realization, as the Ageless Wisdom puts it, that, “I am. I am That. I Am.”

Although the majority still does not “get” Plato’s message, this expansion, like everything else on the planet, has been increasing greatly in “time” speed since the Golden Age of Greece during which both Plato and the Buddha in the East were laying the ground work for the precursor of the Aquarian Age, the Piscean Age.

From Gold to Rust

With the deterioration of Golden age and the rise of the Roman Empire, the pace of consciousness expansion was effectively slowed, especially during the so called dark ages (5th to the 15th century), by the efforts of the Retrogressive forces. However, from the 15th century on, when incidentally, in 1425 the Light Workers of the 5th dimension began to use the Great Invocation, Externalization of the hierarchy P.145, consciousness began to expand again very rapidly. And, as we have been informed, “Every evolutionary step evokes the fury of chaos, and such fury is a response to every benevolent aspiration.” Supermundane #320.

From Darkness to Light

It is not surprising therefore that as the rate of consciousness expansion increased over these past 4 hundred years (the 17th through the 20th centuries) humanity has been almost constantly in a state of war. This hundreds of years long cycle of war involved not just military encounters but all areas of human life, including government, economics, religion, freedom, not just of speech, but in many sectors of our daily lives such as the right to vote. In spite of these ferocious and nonstop efforts of the Dark Side, or more likely, as a result of the action of tactica adversa, the expansion of consciousness has not faltered. In fact, in the last four centuries, when compared to the past six thousand years, the rate of consciousness expansion has been breath taking.

Evolution, in the case of humanity, is not the creation of something called consciousness. It is the growing awareness of actually being the consciousness rather than the forms with which we have been identified. Along with this unfolding amazing realization, we also became aware of the equally amazing fact that we are all simply individual units of a Cosmic or Infinite Whole. The Soul, besides being immortal, is what we call “group conscious” rather than self-conscious.

As the incoming energies of the Aquarian Age, Rays 1, 2, and 7, continue to grow in the influence of human consciousness, and the outgoing energies of the Piscean Age, Rays 3 and 6, continue to fade in influence, the speed of the presence and power of group consciousness, has only increased. It is, however, important to realize that the term “group” in this phrase has nothing to do with what we think of as groups, collections of things, like my mother’s collection of several thousands buttons is a group of buttons.

Group consciousness is not a condition of choosing to join or to belong to some specific group or cult or organization and then sacrificing our free will to the unquestioning direction of the customs, policies, rules, laws, religious dictates or “truths” and pronouncements concerning the nature of Reality, or what one can or cannot eat on Friday, or grow a beard, shave the head, or have an abortion,…the list is very long. Belonging to in many cases means being owned by. Group conscious human beings, being aware of their unavoidable Free Will, do not own anything except the responsibility for their actions, and cannot be, are not owned by anything.

In Pisces, the energies of which probably began to exert a significant influence on the Planet some 3/4000 years ago, self consciousness was the epitome of the sixth ray. “The sixth ray produces a devotion to an ideal, which in its positive manifestation is a one-pointed direction toward spiritual enlightenment and embodiment.” The Nature of the Soul P.238. Throughout the Piscean Age, such energy has produced countless individuals of surpassing wisdom and courage such as Socrates, Plato, and Abraham Lincoln. Again, this list would be lengthy.

However, during that period the vast majority of the incarnated humans were primarily materially focused, separative, self-conscious individuals. In these individuals, the 6th Ray produced a devotion to forms and the huge driving intelligently driven desire to acquire forms of all kinds with which to identify themselves. “Spiritual enlightenment” was even formalized so that individual humans who became leaders within their separate religious groupings were seen as more spiritual, whatever “spiritual” was indicated to mean by whichever religious group was involved, and superior to just ordinary people.

The form of the Idea rather than the soul or the Principle of Life that was modeling it became the desired goal. It is also good to recall that this is the exact issue that led to the eventual necessity for the reprograming–destruction/reconstruction–of Atlantis.

Just as data processing is not-thinking, this behavior is not-group-consciousness. It is in many cases not even self-consciousness. Individuals who are consciously aware of their separative selfness, usually at least recognize that they do have the free will to choose to accept the illusion of giving up free will and swearing an undying oath to, in effect, become the slave of the dictums, whatever they may be, of some group including the group called the brothers of darkness.

This kind of separating and dividing was, and continues to be the effect of a kind of 3rd Ray intellectual activity of putting things into boxes, in this case, to organize humans into uniform groups, male, female, to make it easier to identify, and work with. However, this behavior as utilized and implemented through fear and force by the retrogressive forces, was actually a step back into a kind of mass-consciousness uniformity which gave us dictators, despots, war lords, Supermen like the Nazis, and most recently al-Qaeda. Again, the list would be very long.

Group consciousness is the absolutely undoubted awareness of the fact that we are not only our brothers’ keepers, but our brothers. There is Only One Humanity; that Humanity is unified but not uni-formed. Every single human being is a unique sister or brother. The group is all of us. The Common Good and the General Welfare concerns everyone.

This is the nature of the consciousness that has been evolving lo these many eons. It has always been present in numerous sisters and brothers to varying degrees all over the world. What has changed is that there are presently some seven + billion souls incarnated on the planet today. It is quite possible that billions of them are at various levels of group consciousness. (Initiation Human and Solar P. 94) That is that they know at some varying level of awareness that they are THAT. At some level of certainty they know, they sense with all five of their senses their unbreakable relationship and unity with humanity.

Since the probably stolen election of 2016, we have been witnessing an ongoing and tremendously powerful example of group conscious tactica adversa in the small and huge actions that people have been taking all up and down the political spectrum. The 2017 and 2018, women’s marches saw tens of millions marching for women’s and human rights for freedom and equality all around the world. Since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting which killed seventeen high school students, students have generated mass protests of their own involving some 2,000,000 people all around the planet. The protests or marches which go way beyond gun control and include all aspects of humanity’s social existence are highly organized and lovingly inclusive and highly effective.

One significant point needs to be made clear here. These students are being referred to as “kids”. This is an ageist discrimination. It indicates that the views, opinions positions of a person are valued according to the age of their body. None of these sisters and brothers are their bodies. And many, not all but many, of them, and especially those who are helping to organize these events, are manifesting a group consciousness of love and intelligence at levels that are way beyond what a lot of the adults who are referring to the students as bodies are manifesting.

Many are amazed at how in touch with each other they are. This is largely being attributed to the Internet. It is true that these individuals are super highly skilled in all things related to using the Internet. (I have 17 and 16 year old grandchildren. They know and use the Internet and the associated devises with speed and understanding that amazes me. The parents of one of them got a bill for having sent 3000 texts to friends in one month. His mother has informed me that his texting is way down now because he uses Snap Chat to communicate with his friends.)

And yet, even though some of these students have never met each other in the dense physical, they are in frequent, meaningful, and significant contact with one another. They frequently have a more or less immediate recognition of one another’s motives and purposes. They spontaneously, easily, and cooperatively implement these identical motives and purposes into a wide array of very creative and different harmonious forms. This phenomenon is not original or limited to the Florida Students. It has been going on all over the world for the last 10/15 years on ever increasing levels.

As in the students from Florida, the implusers of these actions are not competing for personal recognition or election to an office. They are spontaneously serving the Common Good, a consciously felt need, because that is what they see to do. There is no sense of personal anything. This is what we call Service.

We speak of telepathic communication, and although we do it all of the time, we have little if any idea of what it actually is and how it works. The fact is that what we are witnessing is an example of being in harmony, and rhythm, or sync, if you prefer, on the Inner Net of consciousness, a kind of telepathy which needs no clumsy electronic devises other than the ones with which our bodies came equipped.

Well-meaning, but frequently totally differently motivated older persons, should not meddle with their strategies or goals. These sisters and brothers do not need this kind of support. They do need money, and this is something that older persons could supply easily. It might be good to recall that, according various biblical readings, Jesus was in a 12 years old body when he was found chatting with the Elders. It is reported that when his mother asked him what he was up to he said something like, “Didn’t you get that I was doing the Father’s work?”

Tom Carney
May 2018

Evolution has humps in it
Into which men put a lot of stock.
We call the bigger humps revolutions,
And claim cause for them.
Perhaps our being over close
To the noise and color
Of the Great Blooming
Creates in us this confusion.
For some,
Who have it from a silent source,
Say that the world
Is really a Great Flower,
And if we could get there,
To that place of light and silence,
The opposite of the present —
We could watch the Great Unfolding.
And we would see
These humps which men call revolutions
Are but petals
Unbending —
Not without pain–
In the Sun.

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