April 2018 Thoughtline – Options!


To be, or not to be: that is the question, Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?Hamlet Act III scene 1

I think that it is still very unusual for a human to be born with the sense of a personal separative identification. I doubt that there is any sense of “me”, any sense of separation at all in that tiny baby. I suspect that we are not at all aware of either being a part of, or being separated from anything else. In those first few weeks, we are simply pure awareness or consciousness.

But all too soon, the programming begins. It is a relative thing. I suspect that in most cases by the time a baby is three or four months old it has already begun the process of identifying itself as its body.

Usually each year drives us deeper into that state of separation. As we grow up, when we look in the mirror, what do we see? Most people see what we call our self. We see Me. The “me” is the dense physical body we see reflected in the mirror. Whether we like, or dislike, or are indifferent, most of us see what we think of as our Self. Gradually this sense of self expands to include many of the objects around us. Things we own, our property, become extensions of our selves. So, we, you and me, run around for various numbers of years—if some “accident or, more likely, deadly epidemic, doesn’t “take us out”—and do stuff.

The largely believed, and by very far the still assumed supposition is that for as long as we have known, every single human being who has been born has died. We are born. We do a lot of stuff. We collect a lot of things. We die.

The various religions have generated various scenarios about what happens after we die, and many individuals find at least temporary comfort in those scenarios. Still the deep programming of our identification with our dense vehicles seems to dominate the consciousness of most of us right up to the door of death. And the bottom line is that we die.

So, we are left with the question, what does it all mean? What is the point? Why do we do the things we do?

Couple of Options

Option One.

This feverish, lifelong activity seems to be motivated by the need to give at least some of us a sense of meaning, a sense of what is important, a kind of evidence and a sense of security that we matter. It also helps to enable us not to think about the inevitable end. And, if we are, or have been trying to be “good”, according to whatever good means in the particular culture in which we have been raised, it helps us to think we will at least either escape the worst of the fires, or, depending on the amount of indulgences we paid the priests, just go and sit on the right Hand of God.

While this perspective of life is accepted as absolute truth by probably a largish majority of humans on the Planet, most of us live the majority of our lives keeping the certainty of death stuffed deeply into our subconscious. We are only occasionally, and then only vaguely aware, if at all, of this condition.

However, energy does indeed follow thought, and it is the thoughtforms of our identification with our dense physical body and our fear of death that are the unconscious drivers of most of the decisions we make every day. They are among the major conditioners of the collective qualities that make up what we think of as our self. We are the visible walking around manifestation of our choices driven by these deeply embedded thoughtforms which control the conscious and unconscious inner re-actions to the impacts, physical, emotional, and mental that we have, usually unconsciously, registered. This is what constitutes what we call our personality

The Illusion of Reality

It is precisely this illusion of reality, the personality of Humanity, which lies at the core of the political, economic, and social policies that govern much of the planet. It is this illusion of reality that is used to manipulate human interactions and maintain the prison of idiocy, competition, and war that plague us.

Very many, if not most of us having been assured over and over again for the past couple of thousand years, that we are unalterably stained with sin, we “dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.” Act of Contrition Thus, another of these deeply buried motivating forces is our driving need to appear “good” even superior to ourselves and those around us. We act to gain approval from or power over others (there by graduating from the lost sinner group into the group of the Chosen) in whatever kind of environment we find ourselves.

Option Two

Well, Option One which is still by far the chosen option simply does not work for me. And, just to put it out there in simple language, option two is that we, every single human being, is in fact a conscious “soul” in incarnation. That means that we are non-material and therefore immortal beings. WE do not die.

“In incarnation” means that we are conscious souls who have reincarnated according to the Law of Rebirth which is “a process, instituted and carried forward under the Law of Evolution.” The Reappearance of the Christ P.118 Under this Law, we have chosen to appear on the dense physical plane and to do this we need to have a dense physical body which is mortal, or matter. This container which we call our body, for one reason or another, eventually dis-integrates. When the dense physical container can no longer contain the Conscious being that we are, the container does what we call die.

When this apparently unavoidable condition of our matter aspect occurs, we are obliged to leave it. The point is that we do not die. What happens to us when we leave the dense physical container is another very long and complex story.

However, although complex, that story is also a continuation of a rational, and harmonious process of cosmic physics. In our case, it a part of a Cosmic Law called the Law of Evolution.

I, and as far as I know nobody else, can present material or concrete evidence that Option Two actually exists. Those mired in the illusion of material reality assume that reincarnation is foolish, simple non-sense. Consequently, the process, what we call reincarnation, is a hard sell. However, it is the only possibility that has ever made any sense about this whole thing of being a human being who is born and then dies.

Again, what is the point!! Surely it is not to get as much stuff like gold and power as we possibly can and then die. Gotta be something that makes more sense than that.

To identify ourselves as being this very dense and slow moving mass of matter, as exquisite and marvelous as it is, and to deny the existence of the multidimensional Cosmos is as blind dumb as we can get. To borrow an ancient metaphor, it’s like living while being chained to a place where all we can see are the shadows of things that are moving behind us along a wall in front of a bonfire.

That is what we think is real!

This is the point Plato was trying to make in the Allegory of the Cave 2500 years ago! This allegory as usually described by various intellectuals is Plato’s discussion about the need for “philosophical” education. This analysis is the super, superficial view of individuals who by and large think that they are their mortal bodies.

The Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s allegory functions on metaphorical levels, none of which are available or make any sense, if they are even considered, to one who holds a one dimensional materialistic view of the Cosmos. This is why such individuals consider Plato to be an idealist. They simply are not able to discriminate between an Idea which is formless, and an ideal which is a thought form someone dreams up to try to describe a formless Idea of the Good.

If one can see, that is imagine, the Cosmos as an infinity of Energy which is manifesting through an infinity of forms, from dense mater to pure energy or Light, in an infinity of dimensions, the 2500 year old Allegory of the Cave is exactly that. It is a metaphor that presented the scientific Path of Evolution that Humanity travels on the way from the Darkness of ignorance, or identification with its dense physical manifestation, to the Wisdom of Enlightenment.

There are 7.2 billion or so people on the planet today. Every one of them is an incarnated consciousness or “soul”, and as far as we know, every one of them was reborn through the normal processes of reincarnation some number of times. How many of these sisters and brothers have a brain conscious awareness that they are not their bodies but actually conscious souls incarnate? Who can put a number on that? And does that ultimately matter?


Again, the concept of reincarnation comes up. We presently have 7.2 billion sisters and brothers who have been evolving through many incarnations for a very, very long time. Whether in our present incarnation we do, or do not have a brain conscious intellectual knowing or understanding about our present condition and experiences is irrelevant. There is something deep within each of us that has been evolving over those centuries that, on a much deeper level, does know. It is called the Heart.

That something, without any analysis or research, intuitively knows the difference between truths and lies, between cruelty and kindness, between equality and the gross, destructive, separative materialism that generates the exclusive few self-proclaimed rulers and the rest of Humanity. Our “heart conscious” individual sisters and brothers exist everywhere at every level of our money and power structured classes. We live in penthouses, and on garbage dumps, and everything in between. And from this angle our number is Legion.

The Heart, is the organ of the intuition. It has been evolving in Humanity for eons. It has been demonstrated here and there in numerous individuals throughout history. We know of many of these sisters and brothers as great heroes of story and legend. There are countless others, heroes on tiny scales, about whom we know nothing, heroes who have given their lives to save a family or even one other life.

Intuition or Love has nothing to do with the material environments in which we might find ourselves, nothing to do with our race, sex, wealth, poverty, and certainly nothing to do with our so called IQ. Intuition is the frequency of Love. That is why it is infallible.

Our intellectually, materially focused minds are not able to see that the Balance of Humanity is not tipped by how many are smart and or powerful, but how open the heart of Humanity actually is. It is the heart that has been evolving for these past eons. The messenger who demonstrated that the achievement of that evolutionary milestone had been gained was a guy who was born in a manger, not a penthouse, and who had to be hidden from forces of retrogression in a cave. The message he delivered, via a life demonstration, when he got the chance, was the heart, was love.

It is that simple.

“The Thinker used to say, ‘I cannot express in words how far we proceed in accordance with the Great Laws, but the heart knows the inexpressible essence.’” Supermundane #432


While it took the retrogressors another 33 years to track him down and murder him, they have wasted no time since in doing everything they could to destroy the message of his life. They worked and still work daily to diffuse, disguise, hide, warp, belittle, and stigmatize love as a weakness, as anything but the most powerful energy in the Cosmos. Thus we have the ancient and ongoing idiocy of religious and power wars and the “getting and spending” of materialism which have literally plagued humanity for the past 2500 years.

There is a core of Wisdom deep in every Human being that like the small bulb of a flower grows through experience of pain and Joy and finally blooms and flourishes. A rose does not need anyone to tell it that it is a rose. Roses know that they are roses at their core, as do billions of our sisters and brothers.

The Cosmic Balance has already been tipped. The heart of Humanity is awake. The decision has been taken. The Aquarian sun has been rising for over 500 years. We are simply going through the last days of Armageddon.

From the Beginning the dark ones struggled. From the Beginning we conquered.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I #231

Nobody said it would be without pain, but The Joy of the Future belongs to Humanity. “The Path of Joyous Achievement is a hundred fold shorter than the path of mournful duty!” Fiery World 2 #427

Tom Carney
April, 2018

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