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Pisces 2018 – Exact Time ON LINE Meditation


February 26, 2018

Dear Friends:

As I noted some ten years ago, Pisces, (Rays II, Vl, I, I), is all about the Presence. It is the moment of deepest, possible realization, a moment of total completion and understanding, and therefore a moment of renewal and beginning. Pisces completes and begins, completes the last cycle and begins the next.

The allegory of Gethsemane in which Christ utters the famous words, “Father, not my will but Thine be done.” Is the macro example for us. It is a tale, a metaphor of many dimensions that speaks to us on many levels. Christ was dealing with the transition of the will of the soul into the universal will. We, in our micro cycles, are dealing with the transference of the personal or self will into the Soul will.

The concept and the experience of revelation, if we are open to them, are the same.

However, we have a tendency to approach or consider these events only as moments of culmination, as real big deals that will happen sometime in the distant future. We get some of the symbolic inferences and maybe a glimmer of what they mean, but we tend to totally miss their significance.

This is probably a result of the way we have been taught to think or rather to process data. We kind of stop at the end because there are no forms after that for us to process. Ironically, this is where thinking actually starts. It leads into the unknown, into the not formulated meaning of the allegory, the metaphor, the tale, poem, sonata, painting, or even paragraph from one of the Master’s Teachings.

Who is going to start saying what the significance of the  Gethsemane allegory is? Significance concerns the Universal Will of God, the Intention and Purpose of “It All.” However, there are lesser layers of significance too, all of which have to do with the will and intent of the Creator.

For us, and for now, what is immediately significant about this tale and this sign are the wheels within wheels. The “Father, not my will but Thine be done.”  is an allegory of a macro event that continually occurs on micro levels in the life of every single disciple, every single day on the path of return. We take baby steps because we are children. However our baby steps lead to the Third Gate which is the first grown up step for us.

The significance that many of us miss here is that we fail to realize that every single little flash of understanding about our service, about the source of our intentions and will, about our motivations, are individual moments of our very own, moment by moment, deepest, possible realization. These micro events are, if recognized, accepted and implemented by us, moments of completion and understanding, and, therefore, moments of renewal and beginning. They are moments in which we too, with the Christ, can utter the powerful mantram, “Father, not my will but Thine be done.”

Like the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, when we have this realization, we will receive a revelation of the open way that lies before us and calls us to our next step on the Path, the realization that we are in fact conscious souls in incarnation.

These baby steps inevitably lead to the ability to use the Galaxies as stepping stones across the Universe.

Loving us


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