February 2018 Thoughtline – The Emancipation of Humanity


“But both groups of aspirants (the black and the white) stand before the door of initiation and take the needed steps to open it on two similar occasions. Both overcome glamour after the second initiation, and see their way clearly ahead; but their goals emerge as widely different; one treads the broad way which leads ever deeper into matter and materialism, into darkness and “black power”; the other leads to the straight and narrow way, to the razor-edged path which leads into light and life. One group has never freed itself from the principles which governed the first solar system. They were principles entirely related to matter and substance, and were at that time and in that period (so remote that the number of years of distance can be stated only in super-astronomical figures) the conditioning factors for the initiation of the time. Certain units of humanity—then existent—were so completely conditioned by these material principles and so deliberately unready for moving on to the comprehension of another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature) that they remained of “fixed and selfish material purpose” and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently created by them”. The Rays and the Initiations P. 350

There are many nuances to the chains of the planned distortion of the Divine Will that have held up, delayed, and hindered the unavoidable and eventual unfolding of the Plan. At the very core of the planned distortion lie three major actions that have generated most of the other chains. The first one was the impression by these Retrogressive forces of “black power” upon infant human minds the distortion or lie that, rather than the individual units of consciousness that they were, they were their physical dense bodies and that they would eventually die. The second was the distortion that human males and human females were separate creations, and the third was the lie that males were the first and superior creations to females.

The Initial Distortion

The initial distortion separated us from the Realization of the reality of our immortal consciousness and chained us to the still intensely held identification with matter. It is the identification with matter that underlies the insanity of our separation from Reality. And, it is our fear of death that gives birth to pride and greed. The “dark whisperers” of fear and doubt drive the raging desire to acquire and own, to identify with and to try to find some kind of security in what has come to be known as property.

The Second Distortion

The second distortion broke the unity of the one Humanity and the third created the concept of superiority and inferiority. These three led to the generation of what we call ownership and in the case of human beings, slavery. Slavery has been a basic ingredient of Human societies for a very long time, and to a very large extent, still is.

People do not like this word, but it is really the only word that reveals what has been going on. The introduction into many human social systems of the separation of the One Humanity into two separate groups and the making of one human group superior to the other manifested in the practically universally accepted lie of men being superior to, better than and eventually the owners of women. I doubt that the Adam and Eve myth created this condition but it certainly helped perpetuate it.

It was a very short step from the owning or enslavement of women to the owning/enslaving of any other human being. Thus, it was the natural thing for a conquering nation to own or enslave the entire population of the conquered nation. In 700 BC, both Athens and Sparta had large populations of slaves. For probably long before we have any records nobody gave slavery a second thought.

The Enslaver is Enslaved

Enslavement, of course, requires an owner or an enslaver. Thus, another major factor in our enslavement was the appearance of enslavers. On a nation level the owners appeared under the guise of rulers, but they were actually slave holders. For as long as we have any data concerning our recorded or prehistory past, there have always been enslavers or Rulers, Kings, Queens, Dukes, and on, and on. These few handfuls of individuals, by whatever name, through the use of force including the power of life and death, imposed their will on the people of the tribe, clan, or nation over which they had assumed rulership.

These rulers, who usually claimed that they were divinely appointed by whichever God was currently recognized by the people under their rule, also claimed the God given personal ownership of practically everything else in the their “kingdom”, besides the actual people, such as the land, water, and whatever was on, under or in it.

The concept of Royalty which grew from the “natural” superiority of men into the distortion of Divine Rights, has its roots in the anciently generated and insidious separation of the One Humanity into classes: The Superior and Worthy, and the inferior and unworthy. This illusion of reality, The Big Lie in all of its many guises, was created precisely to inhibit human evolution. It did and does grossly restrict the freedom for education, experience and consciousness expansion that enables humans to use their innate Free Will to discover who and what they actually are, and to see, understand, and chose the path of reality.

The Devolution of Royalty

Today, the Royalty has morphed into a very tiny group of individuals, the .01%. Although the title King or Queen is rare these days the behavior is quite present. This tiny group of human beings actually own, depending on which source is considered, from 50 to 95% of the world’s wealth. And, many of them actually believe, think, assume, claim they are “entitled” to own it as exclusive personal property precisely because of their superiority.

Prison Infrastructure

The whole point of the creation of Royalty, of exclusive, superior classes of human beings, which is largely unrealized even today, was to separate humans into classes and to set them at war with one another over social positions and material possessions. By keeping women and men identified with their bodies, with their superior or inferior social positions and material possessions, with their sense of hubris and privilege or unworthiness and self-deprecation, Retrogressive forces created a material prison. This system made it much easier to control humans, to keep them dumb, or unconscious, unable to think or express their inner self.

The Darkened Way

The only visible path out this prison for the fear and doubt driven populations, is to choose, consciously or unconsciously, to participate in the endless insanity called competition. The purpose of competing is to garner material wealth and personal prestige at any cost, and thus improve your “self” worth. If one is ruthless enough and persists, one can get a cell that is on the top of a huge building and that has gold faucets in the bathrooms.

In this way retrogressors were able to warp or bend and twist intelligence, knowledge, and understanding into tools for selfish ends that completely dominated the use of free will.

However, as the incarnating consciousness experiments, experiences, and expresses its conscious self, it gradually discovers through a lot of pain and struggle that it is a unique individual. Even more gradually it eventually discovers that it is also indissolubly bound to its personal responsibility for its existence. It realizes that every other single human is also a unique individual and is also personally responsible for her or his existence.

The Nuances of Slavery

Each one is free to determine her or his own path. And as we venture, life after life, along this path, it is our Free Will that gradually reveals the fact that we are being enslaved, not just by other humans, but by various false thoughtforms, literally lies, concerning the nature of Reality that we have been conditioned for eons to see as truth.

Any kind of relationship structure that uses the forces of fear and power to impose conditions, or rules, or laws or one’s personal views on others, that eliminate or hinder or hide the true nature of Reality and interfere with the possibility of the exercise of one’s free will are basic violations of the Purpose of evolution. Such conditions and impositions of false assumptions and outright lies regarding the nature of Reality are the sand upon which many of the systems of our present social lives rest.

The message of Atlantis

This is not the first time that an advanced human society was built on the sand of illusion. Many “smart” people think that Atlantis is a myth. However, one need only to consider the Laws of Physics to understand that systems built by the ignorant, or deliberate, violation of these Laws of Cosmic Physics have a way of imploding or exploding depending on your point of view.

It seems obvious to anyone who can look at a few hundred years stretch of our recent evolutionary progress that Humanity, at great and painful cost, has made some rather significant steps to free ourselves from many of the above chains of slavery. True, in the past 50 years or so, this advancement has been made in the face of the growing consolidation of the forces of materialism and retrogression. The current version of the superior few “owns” or controls a large and growing percentage of the planet’s material wealth.

This seems significant and even scary, but it is not unexpected. We know that from the beginning, “Every evolutionary step evokes the fury of chaos, and such fury is a response to every benevolent aspiration.” Supermundane #320.   We also know that evolution, concerned with the growth of consciousness and the wealth of wisdom, has always conquered.“From the beginning we conquered.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I #231

Human consciousness, which has from the beginning been evolving, concerns the expanding capacity to consciously register and understand that, beyond any doubt, one is much more than her or his physical appearance or possessions, and is in fact essentially a free human being.

A Wakeup Call

There have been many indicators over the past 200 years that the conscious awareness of our innate and inalienable individuality and freedom has been accelerating throughout humanity. The victory over overt slavery in the Civil War of 1861-65, which corrected a basic flaw in our constitution, was a direct effect of the expanding consciousness of Humanity. It was also, if we were conscious enough to see it, a huge indicator of what was coming.

The Great Unfolding Proceeds

Since the Civil War, there are many other indicators of our expanding consciousness. Among the most significant, because it too dealt with an ancient form of slavery, was the woman’s suffrage movement. This is a decades long worldwide movement in which women fought for and gained their innate and inalienable equality or freedom from the slavery of being denied a voice in their government because they were women.

It is interesting when reading about the history of this movement that when women were successful in some step or other the language used is not that they were re-gaining possession of an inalienable right that had been taken away from them because they were women, but that they were being “given” the right to vote or hold office. That view in the past ten or so years has been discarded and today the Women’s, or Feminist’s Movements are basically engaged in a determined fight to regain the human rights of equality and freedom which were stripped from them eons ago as part of a retrogressive Plan to stop, retard, derail evolution.

Nobody has to give somebody what they are born with, the inalienable right of Freedom.

The act which separated Humanity into two groups and began the ages long war of the sexes, caused severe psychic damage to both women and men and slowed evolution considerably. On the one side it basically enslaved women, cutting them off from their free will and destroying their humanity. On the other it made slave holders of men. The ignorance and hubris that dominates the consciousness of slave holders cuts them off from their Free Will and destroys their Humanity.

The Avalanche of Liberty

The avalanche of Liberty which we are calling the Women’s Movement which is presently thundering down the mountain of Justice is one of the most significant demonstrations of the level to which consciousness has expanded on this planet. This world around movement is driven by the most powerful energy in this Solar System, the inclusive energy of Love. Love calls out the inner sense within all of us that vibrates to Equality. It is generating the energy of equilibrium, flooding all aspects of our lives. It is a force that will bring harmony and balance back into the planet, the kinds of policies we generate, and our relationship structures with each other and the planet.

Our Expanding Consciousness

The massive marches and events which are occurring all over the Planet are the effects on the dense physical plane of what is occurring on the mental and higher emotional planes of the expanding consciousness of Humanity. These dense physical demonstrations signify the destruction of many of the veils of ignorance and illusion that were anciently sown on the astral and mental planes, thus creating points of entry into the Human psyche for the entrance of the higher energies of Love and Wisdom to penetrate the mental plane and to impact on human minds and brains.

We are witnessing the liberation of women from slavery and men from being despotic slave holders. After eons of eons of separation, we are witnessing the emancipation and reunification of Humanity into the One Humanity. We are witnessing, if not the first, a super significant step in the liberation of Humanity from the bondage of identification with matter and death.

The disappearing Dinosaurs

The accelerating manifestation of the consciousness of our innate freedom and true self is generating an energy frequency within the consciousness of Humanity that humans with separated or self-centered consciousnesses cannot tolerate. It drives them mad with fear and hate, and they will, sooner rather than later, disappear from the planet as did their ancient cousins, the dinosaurs.

This is not some weird religious thing. It is a simple matter of physics. We know that a high enough frequency will shatter glass.


Imagine what a Humanity, aware of its true self, free from the bondage of matter identification and death, will do. That is the Future. That is the Age of Aquarius.

Tom Carney
February 2018

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