Special Meditation

Special Meditation Action

Target, The United States Senate


Invoking the Energy of Synthesis:


Focus in the Cave, take a deep breath align the vehicles and dedicate them to the service of the Plan.

Link the three heart centers into a unified field of golden light. It is essential that this work be carried forward from and through a heart focused mind.

Bring the three part Soul into the unified coherent field of Light within Heart Field.

Link the heart fields of the group into a unified whole.

Link with the Ashram of Synthesis.

See the three Masters, M, D.K. and R, standing in a field of Blue Fire. Name and link with each one.

Link with the Higher Triangle of the Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Planetary Logos. For the purpose of bringing the actions of the United States Congress and Senate into right relation with the Divine Plan, we Invoke and stand receptive to the energy of Synthesis.


Stand in Silence in the alignment, receptive to the Inflow of the Synthesis Energy “The Synthesis Energy will be released in exact proportion to the group power potential in service” Ashramic Projections P. 175

Fill the U.S. Senate Chamber with the energy.

Hold the vision for a few minutes.

Affirm with the G.I.

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