January 2018 Thoughtline – Freedom is Unavoidable


Being human actually means being Free. You know, we have this thing called free will. We are free to ignore Cosmic Laws or simply to deny or to be ignorant of their existence. However, their effects are unavoidable. Even if we choose to be blind and dumb, eventually, we will not be able to avoid the Freedom to be Human!

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is a well known primary Law of Physics. What is usually not considered about this Law and for that matter all of the other Laws of physics is that they operate not only on the three obvious dense physical dimensions but on all dimensions of the multidimensional Cosmos. The majority of intelligent humans still either deny or remain unaware of the existence of these “Higher” Dimensions of Reality.

Newton’s third law, one of the primary Laws of Cosmic Physics, is a really simple Law. Yet the vast majority of the billions of humans are totally oblivious to it even in the dense dimensions in which we live. Most people, and this includes the so called intelligent and educated people on the planet, go about their daily affairs without a thought about the implications of the fact that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The self-examination of our actions during some random selected day would quickly demonstrate the existence of this law. Taking an impersonal or scientific look at a 5 or 10 year period of our life in most cases, I am sure, would be revelatory, shocking, mind blowing, enlightening, possibly embarrassing, and at least momentarily depressing. Indeed, if we have been at least trying to live decent lives such an examination would also be encouraging, focusing, educational, and renewing. And as MM points out, “Every mistake must be a bridge to new knowledge, not an obstacle. Every erroneous stumbling can be a stepping-stone to the future. There are many mistakes in life; they can all be turned into fiery good if they have not undermined one’s courage.” Supermundane #829

If we are able to actually do this as scientists, that is impersonally detached from the data that we discover, we will clearly see Sir Isaac Newton’s third Law of Motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” in motion or action. This Cosmic Law was known and worked with by the Wise Ones from the getgo. Somewhere along the unfolding path of our planet’s evolution this Law became known as Karma.

Our big problem with recognizing and working with all of this is twofold (1) the infantile fixation on the dense material dimensions of reality, and (2) the totally myopic concept concerning the phenomena of time. These two issues greatly inhibit our understanding of this and all other Cosmic Laws. I do not have the language to explain this, but Cosmic Laws work multidimensionally and completely outside of what brain consciousness thinks of as time. So, that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” does not mean that the reaction will have to follow immediately in what we call time, or within the dimensions we call the dense physical.

On the dense physical dimensions reactions to some of our actions do occur almost instantly. A lapse in attention to traffic frequently generates a collision. Still, many of the reactions to our actions take various amounts of dense physical dimensional “time”. Being late for work 20 times finally results in getting fired. Pollution of the planetary environments finally results in tidal waves, hurricanes, cancer, and lead poisoning. Loving our gardens results in wonderful flowers and fruits. Loving each other results in joyful fulfilling lives.

Actually, the reactions to multitudes of our actions do not occur or “work out” on the dense physical dimensions sometimes for hundreds of years or any number of numerous reincarnations. And it is, I suspect, the quality and effects of the energy used in the action that are rebalanced, not the specific deed. The equal and opposite reaction to the act of murder could be an example. Since Life is totally interconnected, not only on the dense physical dimensions but throughout the infinite cosmos, murder, as do all actions, effects a hugely wide field of other people, situations, and dimensions. The equal and opposite reaction will eventually bring whatever was imbalanced—for example, the lives and experiences of those close to the murdered one—by that act back into balance on all of the dimensions and over infinity. The Ageless Wisdom indicates that the keeping track of and working on all of these kinds of issues is the work of a group called the Lords of Karma.

I realize that until we can consciously experience and accept, at least as a commonsense possibility, the fact of a multidimensional Cosmos and realize that what we think of as time has a meaning apparently limited to only the dense physical plane, most of this will seem like foolish blather. However, regardless of what we think, in the several years before 1776, actions taken by a group of human beings resulted in the establishment on the dense physical plane of an Independent Nation.

Independent means that the Nation was not dependent on, or the dependent of, or the personal property of any one person king, queen, or exclusive family or group of persons, but in-dependent, that is dependent on the entire population of the nation. The nation was “owned” and governed by its People. It was a Government of, for, and by its citizens.

The Nation was not a condition of the rulers and the ruled, but the appearance of a unified consciousness of the One Humanity creating a best present possible model of the governmental and social system of Equality that has been a driving Principle at the root of evolution on the planet. The impact of this effort to manifest that Principle on this planet is still very much unfolding. Eventually it will rival the coming of the Lords of Flame.

Since its inception, and indeed during its creation, this effort at independence from the ignorance and imbalance of rulers and ruled has been under assault by those who were/are, and desire to continue to remain, the rulers. The Civil War, and the recent war with the Nazi effort to dominate the planet were great tests of this manifestation of the Vision of the One Humanity. For the past 35 years or so, yet another effort has been launched and actions have been taken on this planet, and specifically in this Nation, by these same individuals. These actions have grossly eroded the advances of what it means to be a Human member of the One Humanity.

For the United States, these actions have been culminating in the various policy decisions that the retrogressive forces of those who desire to rule and who are currently running the government have been instituting. It is important to realize that while most of these actions have been taken within the confines of the United States, so called national boundaries are irrelevant to the forces of Cosmic Physics. It is imperative to realize that the economic decisions and actions taken by any one nation or group of nations have global repercussions.

When it comes to the Laws of Cosmic Physics, the Planet is not separated into human created plots of private property. The “meltdown” of an atomic reactor and the release of radioactive poisons into the land, water, and air do not stop at that country’s borders; neither do actions of government initiated and carried out race purging. Likewise, the creation of any policy or rule that tends to create conditions that separate, classify, and de-value some classes or groups of individuals as being superior or inferior to other groups or classes (usually very, very much smaller groups) reverberate globally. The groups identified as inferior in any nation, are worth-less than the superior groups in all areas of humanness. The superior individuals are therefore more deserving than others of Life’s opportunities for growth and development.

All such actions tend to disintegrate the actual unity of not only Humanity but of the very planet. This inhuman tendency toward separation is driven by our ignorance of Cosmic Physics and the consequential fixation on a dense physical reality. This condition generates disintegration and separation as an action and calls out from the very Physics of Creation a counter reactive force of overwhelming power that reestablishes the normal equilibrium and unification of nature and Humanity’s role in evolution.

From the very beginning every effort to destabilize the equilibrium, and harmony of the evolving Plan, every effort to bring hatred, disintegration and separation into the synthesis of Life we call our planet has been met with an overwhelming force of Light, Love, and Power. This is why we are still here and will not be going anywhere very soon.

This is an easy to see process documented in the millions of years of our history. Perhaps the most recent example was the rise and fall of the Nazis. This present event which was initiated some 35 years ago has already started its downward spiral.

The aspect of note here is not that the Nazis failed, as surely as this current group will fail. The aspect of note is that Truth triumphed. How this particular triumph of Truth will be formulated, how it will actually appear on the dense physical depends on many variables. The only thing that we can be certain of is that the anciently fostered Lie of separation has failed, and that the new day of the One Humanity is already dawning.

For centuries the laws of Cosmic Physics have been sent to us through legends, music, and poetry. The Cosmic Artist knows the end from the beginning,

Shield and lance! God has blessed the warriors.
All will come. Twilight will end.
Do you not see that the Cosmic Consciousness is in convulsion?
We know the course of the battle—the Plan of the Creator cannot be altered.
From the Beginning the dark ones struggled.
From the beginning We conquered.
Leaves of Morya’s Garden I #231

Tom Carney
January 2018

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