Justice 2 — Crime, Punishment, and Free Will


To repeat, Justice, a Cosmic Energy, exists throughout the Cosmos. Justice “is not the work of some angry old guy with a beard punishing his misbehaving children.” This widely held, religiously generated belief is a huge error in the common understanding of Justice. The error grows out of an ancient and still grossly misunderstood attempt to explain to infant humans the existence of the dense physical realities they encountered all of the time.

We were originally taught that we, the planet, the Cosmos all exist as an act of an Inscrutable Being. I strongly suspect that over eons of time this Inscrutable Being became gradually scrutable as a personified Great Human Being who was seen eventually as the “Father” not just of Humanity who he “made in his own image”, but of everything, including the sun and the stars at night. He became “God the Father” a collective name for all of the Energies of Cosmos, including the Cosmic Energy we call Justice

The Personification of God
While the original Scientists who were managing the early phases of the “Planet Earth” experiment were dealing with humans who had zero mental functionality this personification thing probably worked fine. However, over time, again, eons and eons of time, the personification which had endowed the omnipresent “Father/God” with the omnipotent Powers of Creation and Death, and Virtues — stuff like strength, beauty, and courage — it also equipped it with a sexual identification, maleness, and all of the weaknesses, the greed, egoism, pride, cruelty, narcissism, selfishness, hate, anger and vindictiveness of the run-of-the-mill human beings. This personification of the Father/God contributed greatly to the generation of the Great Lie, the Illusion of Separation, the ignorant assumption of a one dimensional reality, and the specter of unavoidable death.

From these basically ignorant one dimensional assumptions concerning the nature of Reality, it was only a short step in the process of evolution before some more rapidly evolving than other individuals realized that they had a better grasp of things in general, or in many cases probably a bigger club, than many of the others. This situation gradually evolved to the point where these individuals who appeared to be superior to the others would become recognized as the official spokespersons or representatives of the Father/God.

The Divine Right of Kings
This eventually produced the ridiculous eons long scam called the divine right of kings. “Divine right, or God’s mandate is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm. It implies that only God can judge an unjust king and that any attempt to depose, dethrone or restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute a sacrilegious act. It is often expressed in the phrase “by the Grace of God”, attached to the titles of a reigning monarch.” Wikipedia “Divine Right of Kings”

Obviously, what we call laws and rules were the personal opinions of whatever Monarch was currently in power. Some of these laws and rules, frequently depending on who happened to be in the King slot, were good common sense things that are necessary if people are going to live in any kind of a common community. Most of the laws were skewed to support the authority to Rule of whatever group was currently considered to be the Royalty. And, next to none of them aligned with the actual Laws of Physics which govern Cosmos and were called “metaphysics”. This is especially the case in respect to systems that were created to enforce compliance with the laws.

This situation was the case for more or less thousands of years. However, an evolutionary leap, what we like to call a “tipping point” but what I think of as a Critical Mass, occurred with the explosive appearance in 1776 of the amazing document called the Declaration of Independence. This is the famous second sentence of this document, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” This statement speaks directly to The Laws of Cosmic Physics or metaphysics as they were called in the ancient days of our exclusive identification with the dense physical planes.

Also, a totally overlooked point in this sentence from the Declaration of Independence, is that Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are AMONG the “certain unalienable Rights” with which we have been endowed. The indication is that there other such Rights which were not enumerated in the sentence from the Declaration of Independence. A few of these other unalienable rights, or Laws of Cosmic Physics, are Free Will, Justice, Free Speech, Self-determination.

Law Enforcement
In the United States we have around 1.2 million police people whose primary function is called Law Enforcement. The major function of Law enforcement is said to be discovering, deterring, rehabilitating, or punishing people who violate the rules and norms governing a particular society. Whether the laws and rules are just or not, and who made what laws and rules, and for whose benefit is not part of the law enforcement system. If it’s “on the books”, it is the law. The number of “laws” on the books that are literally unjust or simply out of date is enormous.

Bad Guys and Law Breakers
Our systems of justice focus primarily on 3 aspects of justice: 1. Catching “bad guys” or “law breakers” in all areas of life. 2. Exacting retribution and vengeance, on them by punishing them so that they will “pay for their crime”. 3. Rehabilitation through learning that if they do not obey the Law they will be punished some more.

The rehabilitation part of the law imposes compliance with the law through the instillation of fear of retribution. This Obey, Submit, or Else, thing is a holdover from ancient biblical texts like “By the breath of god they perish, and by the blast of his anger they come to an end” Job 4:9, pronouncements such as the curse which St. Augustine laid on Humanity with the “original sin” pronouncement, and sermons such as Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the Hands of an angry God.”

What has gone astray here is that this concept and the system of justice it generated is based in a mistaken, to say the least, understanding of the Cosmic Law of Justice. There is no concept of punishment in Cosmic Law. There is however, the Cosmic Law of Justice or Equilibrium. The Ancients referred to this Law as Karma.

Humans have a Free Will. The point of evolution is to develop human beings that will freely choose to participate with the unavoidable Cosmic Laws that are driving Evolution, or the Great Unfolding Intention on this planet. Forcing people to follow either Cosmic or human generated rules and laws, many of which are actually violations of the Law, by coercion, by punishing, terrifying, torturing, or imprisoning them is a violation of the Law of Justice. The whole notion of forcing individuals to “obey” or “submit” or else is the basis of slavery. It contrary to the point of being human.

We do not need to “enforce” Cosmic Law. Cosmic Law is infinite and cannot be broken. Justice, Equilibrium, Harmony are. Any action, no matter how tiny, that upsets the Harmony or Equilibrium of Cosmic Law will generate an automatic balancing response from Cosmic Law. The Ageless Wisdom ascribes this function as Karma. The management of the process of reestablishing harmony is in the hands of the Lords of Karma.

Kosmic Cops
It is a mistake to look at Karma as punishment. The Cosmic Law of Equilibrium or Karma does not punish. It restores Equilibrium. The name, “The Lords of Karma” is a personification of a process of Cosmic Physics that makes it easier for we humans to understand it.

Karma does this with a fineness concerning the actions that upset it that we can hardly imagine. The Lords of Karma are not bound by anything like what we think of as time, because in cosmos there is no time. They make the precise adjustments at precisely that moment that, if recognized will bring the individual’s Life back into right relation or balance with the evolution of the Plan. I suspect that it is not the physical specifics of the original act that upset the equilibruim of the unfolding Life, but the essence of the Law which was violated that matters. Each violation of the Principle or Law sends shock waves widely out into the environment and these affect many individuals in various ways.

The Just way to deal with those among us who violate the Laws would be to create systems which prevent the individual from harming others or the Law and which will help the individual to achieve a balance and right relationship with the society. Books can be written on how to do this. None of the process including the holding of the individuals in custody would involve the deliberate infliction of physical or mental harm on the individual.

Holding individuals in situations which prevent them from committing further law breaking actions is literally protecting both the public and the individual. Such confinement would be designed to help in all ways psychological and physical their efforts to achieve a right balance in their lives. Prisons as they are presently conceived and run are criminal and destructive in their very nature. Another example of decadent ignorance, prisons are in effect and fact generators of huge imbalance and crime in the planet’s environment.

If we, as individuals live in ways that are out of sync with the laws of physics, we open ourselves to forces that have no balance, integrity, or capacity to maintain their existence in a harmonious system. The absence of Justice is chaos. The individual who obeys the Laws of Physics in order to avoid the alternatives is as yet a child. Adult humans do not “obey” the Laws; they deliberately, that is consciously, cooperate with them.

Our efforts are not the struggle to find and punish bad guys, but to reveal the actual Beauty and Harmony of the Law. The struggle to reveal and manifest the Beauty of what lies at the core of the Human Soul is the theme of the great literature, music and art, and some of the philosophy of all time. One of those great works of specifically modern literature that does this beautifully is the Harry Potter series of what are called “fantasy” novels written by J.K. Rowling. Like Spencer’s Faerie Queene, and Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, J.K. Rowling’s marvelous work, which I think of as the Harry Potter Chronicles, is a huge and wonderfully expressed metaphor for Humanity’s ageless struggle against the forces of Darkness. Such forces, by the way, are a “fantasy” only to those who are, well, definitely not woke.

Time and time again a “king of Kings” such as Ozymandias or Xerxes I, or a Hitler, or a Lord Voldemort, or some sort of power hungry or insane person not unlike Trump will show up to test our resolve to have Liberty and Justice for all. Humanity, it seems needs to have such a challenge to push against in order to evolve. When you look at Humanity as an energy trying to manifest in form, it becomes a matter of Physics. The resistance to the manifestation draws more and more Power from the Will to BE.

Justice has anciently been seen as the retribution delivered to some individual who has broken one or more of a set of rules. There are as many sets of rules or laws, that have been arbitrarily created by a person, like a king or emperor, or a being, such as a god, as there are cultures and gods. Most of these laws speak to concepts such as fairness, and honesty, impartiality and morality. But what fairness, honesty, impartiality, and morality mean is quite relative depending on numerous and often subtle conditions not the least of which is who is doing the defining.

So, in this sense Justice is much more about delivering the punishment or the fine or whatever it is that will, according to the rule maker, satisfy the requirement that the rule breaker “pay” for the rule breaking. The ancient concept of “justice” was the absurd notion of “an eye for an eye.” If the crime is theft, you cut off the offending hand. If murder, then murdering the murderer makes it justice being done.

All of these kinds of efforts were/are the result of human intelligence being mired in the great Illusion of Separation and Materialism. All efforts to implement the great Principles of Creation into human civilizations have suffered the warping and stagnation and mutilation of this ignorance. Thus, now in 2017, it is considered Just, without any questioning or reasoning at all, for 8 or 10 individuals to literally own as private property more wealth or Money than 3,600,000,000 of the other individuals living on the planet. To question the Justice of such an incredible crime of imbalance is greeted, if at all, with small smiles and rolled eyes.

There is a lot of talk about how some of our present politicians need to have the courage to stand up against the ignorance and destruction that the present President is wreaking on the Planet. No doubt about it, this would be great. However, it would be far greater and far more powerful in terms of actually designing systems that support Life and the Common Good for some of the shy, and perhaps not all that brave, Scientists who know beyond any doubt that Freedom and Justice and Equilibrium have nothing to do with democrats and republicans but are Laws of Physics, to STAND UP. They know as a matter of physics not politics that “a house divided against its self cannot stand”. Laws that demand systems that are in harmony with evolution and work for the Common Good will not be forth coming as long as intelligent Humanity stays mired in the illusion of the dense physical plane being the only reality.

There is only Physics. “Metaphysics” were the result of human ignorance concerning the nature of Cosmos.

It is not scientifically moral to know this stuff and not speak out about it.

Tom Carney
November, 2017

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