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October 2017 – Synthesis US Capitol Action Meditation

Dear Sister and Brother Warriors,

As some of you know, the nine year Solar Energy Wave Cycle is in a trough in 2017 and, as MM has pointed out, the troughs of the cycles are “the place where the creative worker, the magician occultist should be, but is rarely found, positively generating the new initiatives which will take form at the peak point in the cycle.”

Well, we have been working diligently over the past number of years in alignment with the Avatar of Synthesis on the Capital Clearing Meditation and other clearing meditations such as the Security Council in the U. N., and recently the West Wing and Oval Office of the White House. We are preparing to launch an additional Meditation Action focused on the Supreme Court. Will distribute that meditation shortly.

“When an energy wave emanates from the sun, the point of maximum intensity [its high point] is when the crisis ensues, as this is when it impacts the form world.”  I wanted to bring to our attention that the three year Solar Energy Wave Energy cycle peaks in 2018. We all know how important the 2018 elections are and I think it would be a good thing if we increased our attention and focus on the Capital Cleaning Meditation over the next 12 months to impact the 2018 election cycle. We know that our elections have been under attack and manipulated by various retrogressive forces, and the results of the elections in the House and Senate would seem to be rather  important to the unfolding Plan.

You can be sure that anytime of any day that you can spare a few minutes to focus on the Capital Clearing Meditation would be time well spent.

Gratitude and ,❤🔥

Printable pdf file of Capital Action Meditation

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