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Exact Time Meditation – Libra 2017


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dear Friends

I originally sent this note out in 2016. However, as I was preparing to write a note for this cycle, I realized that we were just a bit higher in the cycle than we were in 2016 and that these thoughts are if anything more relevant now than then. Sooo

Here we are entering the three linked festivals of the out breathing cycle. The compilation of the energies and processes of the pause between the cycles which issued forth from Virgo for most of us was a powerful understanding of striking clarity regarding the imbalances Humanity is facing in virtually all sectors of its activities at this moment in the Great Unfolding.

Libra presents us with a second opportunity to get it right, to bring our creative effort, on all levels, into balance.

In Libra we need to bring the “pairs of opposites” into balance. When most people hear the term “pairs of opposites” they habitually think of pairs of things that are at odds or in conflict with one another. So we get pairs like war and peace, good and evil, truth and lies rich and poor hate and love, and so on. Seeing these kinds of pairs as opposites and therefore opposed to or at war with one another is a major part of the problem.

There is no way to balance these kinds of pairs of opposites. A scale that has a ton of hate on one pan and a ton of love on another is not in balance. The hate is just as powerful and dreadful as ever. We cannot balance wars with periods of peace, for it is not peace, it is simply an interlude between wars.

In dealing with our own personalities, we eventually discover, after life times of painful lessons, that we cannot balance our frequent unhealthy eating and drinking, or belligerent, or cruel, selfish and harmful behaviors with small periods of dieting, being loving, sharing, kind and nice. Today’s kindness will not heal the wounds of yesterday’s cruelty.

The problem here is the ignorance of a consciousness that sees opposites as being in conflict or as something to be disparaged and hated, or envied and desired. Opposite actually means across from, on the other side of. It only means opposed, and at war with if one sees that which is opposite one as a threat to one’s self or way of believing or a lack that someone enviously covets.

It is this tiny constricted self-centered point of view that sees differences as inferior and therefore to be scorned or superior and therefore to be envied, somehow acquired or feared or gotten rid of in one way or another.

The fact is that the Planet is in harmony. Equilibrium is an essential aspect of the Creation. No form can exist for very long that lacks equilibrium. It will simply come apart, dis-integrate.

Peace is another way to look at equilibrium and is the name which has been given to the Avatar of Equilibrium. Peace means perfect balance. What we call peace means that we have stopped killing one another for a few weeks.

We do not have to bring peace to the planet.  Peace is. We need to discover it. Balancing the pairs of opposites does not mean compromising with greed and pride and selfishness. It means eliminating these evils that are hiding the reality of the Harmony and beauty of this Planet and thus revealing the synthesis that is.

The relatively conscious members of Humanity have been working on this for many centuries. Progress as we all know has been at a snail’s pace. However, once consciousness begins to expand it moves very rapidly as anyone looking from an inclusive point of view at the past 400 years of human history can see.

It is apparent to those who can and do view evolution as the force of an unfolding consciousness rather than a series of dense physical events. We have approached a moment of choice that will hopefully produce deep expansions of consciousness which will generate basic and significant changes in humanity’s relationship with one another and the planet

The path, that moves through the “two great lines of force” – which, by the way, are opposite one another but not opposed to one another but rather are two parts of one Whole. Intention or the Will to Good on the one side and Manifestation or Good Will on the other, is, you guessed it, Love. This Path is visible only to the heart the organ of the Intuition. It is this path, the path of the heart that is leading us to the right choice.

Lots of love

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