September 2017 Thoughtline — The End of the Tunnel

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It is a fact that the majority of the 7+ billion human beings on the planet are unconsciously consciously identified with the dense material world in which we are functioning. Most of us, for example, simply assume, without a single thought at all, that we are our meat, our dense physical bodies. When we say “I” am going or doing we mean “I” our body.

This auto assumption, which is programmed into most of us from birth, so limits our focus that what we assume to be real is limited to this extremely temporary, constantly changing, for all of its density, form we call our body, and our dense physical surroundings, to which we refer as our Planet. For most of us, what we call “cosmos” exists as the starry nights, the Milky Way, the tiny, tiny few of the endless multitudes of stars and other dense physical objects our astronomers have documented as actually being “out there”. The “in there”, the infinite non-dense dimensions of Cosmos do not exist for us in any way except as science fiction, and fairy tales or dreams.

This is the situation unless, of course, one happens to either have avoided the early programming or to have somehow been relatively impervious to it, and therefore, to be awake to at least the possibility of the existence of the inner multidimensional Cosmos. In this case we get the Scientists. They originally appeared as Seers and Story Tellers, as Poets, Dramatists and Songwriters, Musicians, Artists, Thinkers. (I refer to all of these as Scientists because Science has to do with the exploration and revelation of the pre-dense Cosmos, the “Inner Worlds” and not exclusively with the medium they use to share their discoveries and understandings.) Individuals who have ventured into the non-physical dimensions of Cosmos have returned to us with a burning need to share what each has encountered and experienced. For this work, they use the only medium of expression that has ever been available and that is what we call the ancient language of Metaphor.

Metaphor, the most ancient “language” of the Heart, was initially used by the Seers to explain phenomena such as rainfall and lightning and fire to our very primitive ancestors. It continues to be used now by Seers or Scientists in the effort to help those who are unconsciously consciously identified with the dense material world to experience the existence of the non-things, or nothing which exist in various frequencies of energy states in the multidimensional Cosmos, a place which their identification with the dense physical world renders non-existent and therefore non-registerable to them.

Multitudes of examples of the work and efforts of these Seers and Scientists abound. One example: A few months ago, Mary and I were seated in the first row in Disney Hall when Esa-Pekka Salonen conducted the Los Angeles Symphony in Sibelius’ Finlandia. I cannot describe this experience except to say we were overwhelmed by the presence of Beauty and Truth. Beauty and Truth are each eternal frequencies which exist in the Multidimensional Cosmos. There are untold numbers of others such as Freedom, Justice, Equality and others which we cannot even imagine.

One must have such experiences to understand what Keats who was 25 years old when he died meant in the closing lines of his Ode On a Grecian Urn, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty– that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”.

This bit of metaphor is meaningless to the intellect, but not to the heart.

Things that appear in the dense physical planes from the Taj Mahal, to John Donne’s “A Valediction Forbidding Mourning”, to A. E. Housman’s “Loveliest of trees, the cherry now”, to Einstein’s e=mc2, to the Constitution of the United States are the end products of multidimensional experiences. Through a process called thinking one shuts down the natural data processing functions of the mind and thus renders the mind negative to the formless dimensions of Cosmic Physics where the frequencies or Principles we have named Beauty, Love, Joy, Harmony, Justice, etcetera exist. While conscious in this dimension one experiences, that is for a timeless moment, one becomes one or another of these Energy frequencies. These experiences are then rendered as best as one can as Ideas, or as they are called Images of Truth. The Scientist then impresses his mind/brain with the best possible formulations on this Image of Truth that he/she can manage. Thus is made manifest not only the art of the world, but the political, economic, and social systems that drive the evolution of Humanity.

It is simply not possible for a hyper-active (very smart) intellectual mind to understand this formless experience we call thinking. The ideas and goals that are forthcoming from those who can and do think and understand are discounted as nice but unachievable idealism. Thus we have the steady stream of dense physical, one dimensional, materialistic, data or form processing that has generated the present huge ugliness and imbalances of much of what passes for art and our present economic, social and political systems which manifest as relative stages of chaos and Beauty, economic starvation and luxury, superior and inferior social classifications, sophistic stagnation and evolutionary political progress.

And yet Humanity stands. We have been standing for many, many eons more than present one dimensionally focused technology assumes. Evolution from the ignorance and darkness of our ancient primitive selves has, one might say, been a bit of a drag. However, we have made enormous progress in the past 400 years, and in the recent 200 years the progress has been very rapid.

In 1800 perhaps 50% of the people on the planet were literate. By 2000 most nations like the U.S, Argentina, Italy, Germany have achieved 99% literacy. Most of these gains were made in the past 150 years. It took Columbus 10 weeks to go from Spain to “the new world”. He could make the trip today in nine hours.

As we all too well know, the super wealthy still have enormous corrupting influence on our governments. However, we have eliminated the notion of the Divine rights of Kings over the past 250 years. The vast majority of people now live in countries that have universal suffrage and are more or less democratic. We have Human Rights which are “Self Evident” and not the gift of any person or power. They are based on non-material, multidimensional Principles of Human Commonality, the Common Good and General Welfare.

Again, we are well aware that these “unalienable rights” are being manipulated by the super wealthy retrogressive forces for their own enrichment at the cost of the Common Good. Examples are everywhere. A particularly glaring example of this manipulation is seen in the health care system that exists in the U.S. This system is designed as a profit making industry that uses the people’s sickness as a commodity.

Still, we are here! If we made a longish, say recent 200 year, list of such efforts by the forces of retrogression to manipulate the basic pillars of Cosmic Physics which are evolving into dense existence, a couple of interesting common patterns appear. One is that their efforts do, and have for eons, systematically and unavoidably failed. This fact is not often seen or considered. It is difficult to see for several reasons: Our somewhat myopic attention is almost daily being caught up in all of the intense and furious conflict which we call war and system failures, i.e. the “great depression”. We fail to note the advances that Humanity has made in many areas of Life.

Another major factor that obscures our progress, is that even though the forces of retrogression have systematically failed, for centuries, they do not quit. They regroup, don new disguises and try a different tactic. For example, the retrogressive powers dressed up as the Super Men that generated the Nazi phenomena have now nested in what we have identified as the .01%. These are the same people. They have hatched not a new plan, but a modified approach. In this new approach which is still based on the Illusion and lie of the private ownership of property, they are avoiding the use of sheer military power. Now they appear as respectable Property Owners and Business Men.

New Look Same Old Objectives
The goal is exactly the same. They plan to dominate the planet by cornering planetary wealth or energy and destroying the social programs that support equality, justice for all, and the Common Good. This will they hope lead to their totalitarian control of the many by a very few super wealthy individuals.

Such efforts fail because their very presence invokes a cosmic phenomena called Tactica Adversa which means that when retrogressive forces are employed to interfere with the thrust of evolution, the forces of evolution automatically respond with an even greater force. An example: The efforts of Nazi Germany generated a united world wide allied force and finally the Institution of the United Nations.

The Synthesis Pattern
Another pattern present in the above and many other global level changes is even harder to see because it is the effect of a type of energy operating totally on the inner non-physical dense dimensions of the planet. This energy is called Synthesis. We have learned–thanks to a body of the Wisdom called The Nature of the Soul, which like The Agni Yoga Series and the Twenty Four Books of Esoteric Philosophy have issued forth from The Ashram of Synthesis over the past 100 years or so–a lot about this particular cosmic energy. Again, what I am saying here will not be considered relevant let alone scientific to those who are “only conscious of that illusion called self” Nature of the Soul P.201 and not conscious of either the One Humanity or the unalienable rights of the 7.2 billion individuals presently on the planet.

Synthesis is a term that like many others has been sort of distorted by being used to describe various processes of unification and amalgamations. However, in this instance we are talking about something quite different. The following brief description gives some indication of how this energy acts. “It, the energy, radiates the positive pole, and absorbs the negative pole, conducting each of these in whatever form it has entered; and thus through radiation and absorption it out-pictures as its own substance the extremes to be resolved.

It might be said, then, that conflict in the extreme is one of its major characteristics and effects. That conflict, however, will be short-lived, relatively speaking, due to another major characteristic and effect of’ the Synthesis energy. Because of the radiating and absorbing nature and motion of Synthesis, the pairs of opposites are quickly synthesized into a one, a total, or whole. The positive and negative poles are radiated and absorbed into one another, or one atom, so to speak, because of their juxtaposition or perfect alignment. Thus that which was once so-called good and bad have been wedded into a new state, condition, or manifestation, which is neither good nor bad, but simply an evolutionary movement. One of its characteristic effects in manifestation then is rapid and (one might almost say) radical change.

Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.” Ashramic Projections P.174

Looking at the level and kinds of significant changes that have occurred in our evolution over the past two hundred years and comparing that to the slower than snail’s pace of change since 500 BC, it would not be a surprise to discover that the energy of Synthesis has been involved. I suggested above that the Synthesis energy played a significant part in the recent 2 phase world war which lasted a total of 11 years. Compared to the 100 years war between England and France, the 30 years war in Europe, that would look like “One of its characteristic effects in manifestation then is rapid and (one might almost say) radical change.” I also suspect that it was this energy that was brought to bear on the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776, and in our Civil War which lasted 4 years.

This is of course all assumption on my part, but then I like assumptions that seem to make sense of obscure and rapid change of huge dimensions. As many of you are aware, we have launched a number of what we call Meditation Actions where we are consciously directing the Synthesis energy into various environments. (As an afterthought, we could call these efforts “thinking actions” in which we use the power of heart generated thought to drive energy.) One of these which has been in effect for several years now concerns the Congress and Senate of the U.S. We are all aware now of the remarkable event that stopped a heartless and cruel thing from occurring. A few Senators voted this disaster down. All three votes were crucial, but the last vote cast by Senator John McCain was in question until the last minute. You saw this happen. Was this an example of the synthesis energy in action?

What would “Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.” look like in the House of Representatives. What about a Synthesis of the Republican and Democratic forces into a “new state, condition, or manifestation, which is neither good nor bad, but simply an evolutionary movement.” How about a “collective of individuals” who have enough good will and heart to choose to evolve.

Things only seem strange or “miraculous” because we are so unimaginatively myopic. We bury ourselves in research and logic to understand what has happened. We use fore-search and imagination to discover the Light of what can and will be. One needs to understand that Light signifies the END of the tunnel and the beginning of the Endless Way… or Infinity as it is called.

September 2017
Tom Carney

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