August 2017 Thoughtline – From Parts to Wholes

Distant Shores by F. Michael Wood 

Thoughtline August 2017

I would remind you of the Law which states that “we grow through the medium of our recognitions.” A recognition, when it is seen as an aspect or fractional part of a greater whole, is the seed of a major expansion of consciousness. A stabilized expansion of consciousness connotes initiation. This is an occult statement of major importance. Discipleship In the New Age 1 P. 740

Spiritual tension, as a result of complete dedication of the personality to the service of humanity, stimulates and empowers but does not evoke the lower life of the personal self. Discipleship In the New Age 1 P. 745

I encountered the Ideas and Principles that makeup the Teaching we call Esotericism long before I ever heard of A Treatise on White Magic. These ideas and principles are and have been for a very, very long time, the mind, brain, nervous system, and blood stream of the evolution of Humanity, and, as such, are the deep core of a great deal of the world’s literature, art, music, and philosophical treatises.

I leave the religions of the western hemispheres as a specific form out of this list. At their core, these presentations do in fact carry the Principles and Ideas of the Wisdom. However, in my experience with both Catholicism and the couple of strains of Protestantism that I encountered, the huge emphasis placed by the dominant presentations on the personal separative evil and sin aspects of being human pushed the Ideas and Principles virtually out of the Vision. I personally could sense no possibility of ever being clean enough, let alone being saved or whatever.

Somehow, at some unconscious level which I realize now was intuitive, or the effect of prior incarnations, I knew that I was not rotten at the core with “original sin”. I did not feel that guilty need to be saved. I simply could not resonate to the message. As an eight year old, I vividly recall being forced to do the 13 stations of the cross and being totally terrorized and turned off.

Eventually I found reason and encouragement for being just a regular striving human being in poetry, theater, art, music, and philosophy. The Principles and the Ideas of the Good, of Beauty, Harmony, Truth, Justice, Compassion, Kindness and all the others spoke to me. They were the force that drove me.

This, as you would expect, made me pretty much out of synch with most of my surroundings and caused me a whole lot of trouble. I always held the thought that human beings were and could be wonderful. The Heroes of Thermopylae, Oedipus, Hamlet, Lear, Willie Loman, the music, and poetry, Spencer’s Fairy Queen, Frost’s Mending Wall, these were what to me constituted Humanity. This was the voice that spoke to that inner sense of being something else. I identified if not with them with what they modeled.

I knew all of this before I ever saw a copy of an esoteric book. However, from my first reading of some passages from A Treatise on White Magic which a friend gave me, something inside of me immediately vibrated with the familiar resonance of the Cosmic Fire which sings in these books. It is this frequency, the frequency of cosmic fire, which actually infests all thoughtforms of poetry, art, music, and science all of which are efforts to reveal Truth.

So, encountering it was a kind of home coming. It revealed the Science, the technology, the coherent frequencies and patterns of energy that generate the dimensions of consciousness.

The Language of common sense

In an odd way, this reunification revealed that the language of metaphor, the language of art and science are the language of common sense. The fact of there being only One Humanity is to me the simplest most obvious thing there is. It totally revealed the illusion of separation. Obviously, Synthesis is. Obviously, Infinity is. These are very simple matters of fact, not esoteric at all.

The reunion also reacquainted me with the necessary tool for discovering and exploring the multidimensional cosmos, what we call meditation. It outlined the Path for me and allowed me to finally figure out what was going on, and how I actually fit in. One of the earliest insights that I was conscious of actually being an intuition was realizing that I was consciousness and not my body.

This realization did not get me out of trouble with my environment, but it bridged the gap between myself and all of my sisters and brothers. I knew that they too were not their bodies, and were caught in an illusion. Recalling this fact makes my life and efforts somewhat less fraught. (I’ve still got somewhat of a way to go on this issue.)

Obviously, realizing something like this is like seeing a shore line across miles and miles of ocean. To manifest the realization in flesh and blood is a long swim against really strong ancient currents and habits of illusion.

But here’s the point! It is not a linear thing, it is basically a synthesis of a whole thing. This wholeness thing, this synthesis was also an intuition and this is what I want to bring up here.

The shore line of Reality and the present position one is encumbering in the ocean of illusion, or the dense physical plane, is not a linear thing. We are actually on the shore and in the water at the same time. Once we realize this, we become swimmer/hikers. We strike out for the shore upon which we already have a foothold. The “foothold” what we intuitively understand and can literally sense (a sense of touch or taste thing, not an emotion.) acts as a magnet which constantly pulls us back on course and gets stronger as we approach the shores of Reality.

In the beginning, we flounder around in the seas of doubt and desires of the personality, but as we move closer, we become better swimmers. We learn to focus on the shore line and swim toward it without a backward glance. We begin to do things that bring us closer to that point or Reality. And in a very strange way, we gradually become, almost without realizing it, the Shore. The oceans of illusion evaporate and we can see the end from the beginning.

At this point, the entire effort of living changes direction. Rather than struggling to let go of the place that has become a sea of confusion, of pain and non-sense in which we have been mired, to get to a place of harmony and clarity that we have envisioned, we are striving to bring the place which we have found into the place where we are. Our reason for being is to be beacons of Light on the Way out of the delusion of somewhere into the Reality of EVERYWHERE.

This is the unavoidable condition and goal of the great unfolding transfiguration of Humanity. Synchronization is the key to initiation. Discipleship In the New Age 1 P. 741

Tom Carney
August 2017

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