July 2017 Thoughtline – Consciousness, Free Will, and Freedom

Dear Sister and Brother Warriors,
For those who have the long view, who can at least partially see the working out of Karma and the Unfolding of the the Plan, these days are full of Joy for they are the End Days.

Time, as always, clouds the vision, and injects fear and doubt which generate impatience, hastiness and finally discouragement. From our tiny little perspectives it is difficult for us to comprehend the complexity of the Great Unfolding. We forget that Constellations, whole Solar Systems are involved.

Also, we forget that evolution is really not a bottom up/outside in thing. It is a top down/inside out thing. For the Future to manifest in dense matter, human beings need to encompass it as Principle and Idea, and then manifest it as new systems. And we know from eons of experience that any even tiny step we try to take out of the prison of form identification is met with hate and fury. The hate and fury that is presently being generated and directed at us is more an indicator of the hysteria and growing incoherence of the Forces of Retrogression than anything else.

It is helpful to become consciously aware of the huge changes that we have gone through in the last 4 hundred years, and to see how the velocity of change has steadily increased. The New Age of cooperation between all and the Equality of all is here now. Many, many millions of human beings are totally aware of the reality of this state of consciousness, and it is moving through consciousness like fire through dry grass.

Remember, the Great Unfolding is unavoidable, and also any warrior that lives very long understands the virtues of patience. Detachment is an essential.  10 years is less than an eye blink. The Sun will rise.

Toward the Day

Sun Birds by Julie O

Consciousness, Free Will, and Freedom

As we have been noting, “It’s all about consciousness”. And it is. As we are able to bring this fact to the forefront of human thinking and actions, we will begin to see what transfiguration means.

I could just say, right up front, that we are consciousness. But, just to work up to that, it would probably be good to have an idea about what “consciousness” is. As simple as one can make it, consciousness is about awareness. And this awareness or consciousness seems to be an inherent faculty of at least the Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms.

While it is difficult for most people to recognize the presence of consciousness in the Plant Kingdom, any conscious person who spends very much time around plants of any kind registers the conscious reactions of the plants to their presence. You know about the experiment where a plant was put in a sunny place, fed and watered regularly and received loving and encouraging commentaries from its human caretaker. While another plant of the same kind and initial health received the same treatment as far as sun light, food, and water went but was heavily criticized and put down by its caretaker. The second plant withered and died.

Of course, everyone realizes that animals are conscious. And, it is actually O.K. with me and Frank Zappa for the mineral Kingdom to be conscious too, but it is a bit much for most people. You think that if one loved a rock hard enough and long enough that it would turn into a diamond? Think of our Planetary Logos and this rock we call Earth.

However, unlike our animal and plant brothers, humans are self-conscious and have a free will which is an inseparable aspect of self-consciousness. For us, consciousness is about the awareness of awareness which is a gradual unfolding thing. Those who know that we live in a multidimensional Synthetic Cosmos understand that Self-conscious/free will was the “gift”, the “spark of mind” that was given to us (implanted in our DNA) by the Agnishvattas from Venus. This occurred at the point in our evolution of “human individualization in the middle of the third Root Race”. Treatise on Cosmic Fire P 435 It is our self-conscious/free will that essentially differentiates us from the lower three kingdoms.

As a result of this gift, we, humanity, have spent the last several eons focused on developing that part of our selves which is human rather than animal. In that process, we have shifted our attention away from the kinds of inputs which the highly developed senses our animal bodies supply. However, these inputs are not lost or diminished, and they have, if you think about it for a minute, frequently saved us from various kinds of “accidents”.

In our evolution of “self” consciousness we moved our “self” identification from the pack, the herd, the tribe, to our individual existing bodies. Self-conscious humans are conscious of the fact that we are not apparently connected to other forms. (Trees, I am convinced, are totally conscious of all other trees on the planet, and do not “see” themselves as separate from the others. See Trees September 30, 2010) We are conscious of ourselves as existing separately from other things including other humans. We use our brain awareness of self and others and our intelligence to separate things into categories. We see ourselves as separate individuals each as a unique and different separate being.

Over the eons we became totally conditioned by this illusion of a separated reality and have been struggling for the past thousands of years in the titanic effort to find our way back into the Synthesis of the unified multidimensional Cosmos of Beauty and Truth.

The gift of self consciousness and Free Will carries another significant fact. Our Free Will renders us responsible for our every causal action. It is imperative both for our own evolution and the evolution of the Planet that we humans realize that we, both collectively and as individuals, are totally responsible for what we cause to happen to others, all others, including the Planet.

It is the gradually growing awareness of our personal responsibility that awakens our realization of this fact and brings up the first overwhelming question of who, as we move through our days, who is making the conscious and unconscious decisions which are generating the effects for which we are 100% responsible?

The answer to this question is something about which, as individuals, and as members of the One Humanity, we need to be conscious, and brutally honest.

The factual and only answer to the question, “Who is running the program?” is, of course, always ME. I, I am running the program. Arriving at that answer however, as we all know from many, many incarnations of experience, takes a while. On the way to that rather alarming realization, what drives the choices and decisions that “I” makes is complicated. It mainly depends on where one is polarized in his or her consciousness.

If one is “polarized” in the emotional body, then one’s emotions, likes, dislikes, fears, desires, are running the program. That is, it is what “I” desire that is making the decisions, both conscious and unconscious, that cause the effects for which we are totally responsible. And at this point, things such as logic, order, coherence, facts, make little difference to the “Emotional Program Administrator”. This I must have what it wants regardless of the effects of the action to get it, even when it results in immediate or eventual self destruction.

If one is identified or polarized with one’s more mental aspects and has some measure of control over the emotional inputs, then the “Mental Program Administrator” runs the program with an integration of the emotional energies with logic, order, coherence, and basic facts.

It is quite possible and rather common, however, for a very strong emotional polarization to exist in a highly developed mental vehicle. In this case the emotional program, the fears, hate, desires, and wishes are implemented with the intelligence of the mental programs. These programs are usually very effective, and, since they are basically lacking in an understanding of the interrelated organic structure of Cosmos, are doomed to end in exceedingly destructive ways.

When such a condition involves a highly developed mentally polarized person who is very much identified with his or her separated and separative persona, his or her position in the environment, his or her personal appearance and sense of self worth, one, we would say, who was extremely self centered, we get some very powerful retrogressive players.

Think of Donald Trump.

Through the evolutionary process of experiment, experience and expression, one gradually evolves into an awareness of his or her own consciousness or, as the Ancient Wisdom puts it, we evolve or grow from the “I AM” to a rather mind blowing realization of “I AM THAT”. We become “enlightened”. We say “OH!”

Then the fun begins. The veils of separation and illusion begin to disintegrate and one gradually, or suddenly as it often seems to happen, becomes aware of his or her total, personal responsibility for their actions. This is another way to describe the awakening of the incarnated self to the reality of what we call the Path.

Discovering usually does not mean mastering, as any Path walker will tell us. Many of the actions we take in anyone day are triggered by deeply encoded algorithms or responses responding to either our pleasure or pain. Many of these are life savers, but some are completely counterproductive to our evolution, both micro as individuals and macro as the One Humanity.

The great discriminator is motive. The inescapable question is Why am I doing this? For whose sake is the intended action.

Our efforts generate a continually widening or deepening awareness of our polarity in consciousness– a steadily clearing realization of Who we are. This leads eventually to the position of the detached observer, or the Conscious One.

This is a big step toward the infinite Freedom of the Synthesis of the unified multidimensional Cosmos of Beauty and Truth. This is our Home. Let’s all go Home.

Tom Carney

July, 2017

As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame;
As tumbled over rim in roundy wells
Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung bell’s
Bow swung finds tongue to fling out broad its name;
Each mortal thing does one thing and the same:
Deals out that being indoors each one dwells;
Selves — goes itself; myself it speaks and spells,
Crying What I do is me: for that I came.

I say more: the just man justices;
Keeps grace: that keeps all his goings graces;
Acts in God’s eye what in God’s eye he is —
Christ — for Christ plays in ten thousand places,
Lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his
To the Father through the features of men’s faces.

Gerard Manley Hopkins

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