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June 2017 Thoughtline – The Technology of Meditation


It is time to move meditation from an arcane quasi-religious mystical thing reserved for secret societies and mystery schools, into a practical, scientific consciousness thing. The processes of meditation – what it is, how and why it works, were “protected” from common knowledge for eons precisely because of its power to create. Basically, to gain access to the deeper science and technology of meditation, one had to, and still has to, become increasingly detached from his or her identification with matter, or what we call the dense physical plane, or, specifically, from one’s identification with one’s sense of being a separated and separative “personality”.

A Big Major Hindrance

A big major hindrance to our evolutionary growth has always been our identification first of all with our own individual separative bodies and then with the dense physical world, the world of solids, liquids and gasses. Today, our science is still mired in the illusion of Materialism. As long as “science” is dominated by the constricts of a one dimensional “materialism”, that is “If it cannot be seen, weighed, measured in some form, it does not exist.”, those who have an investment in keeping humanity imprisoned in the Cave of Ignorance will interfere with, hold up, make exceedingly difficult and painful, our evolution into Reality.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of these materialistic leg irons is the commonly assumed absurdity among very intelligent scientists and vast numbers of intelligent human individuals that, since there is no presently known way or procedure to “materialistically” prove otherwise, one is obviously “scientifically” one’s body. Therefore, when one “dies” life ends for that person. From dust to dust and all of that.

So, this is option One. A really stupid unexaminable assumption that removes any sense of rationality or sanity from being alive. To be born, and live in some fashion or other, for some extremely limited number of our years and then to die, i.e., stop beating our hearts and breathing etcetera is normal. Scientifically, what the future holds then is a relatively fast period of decomposition in to a pile of inert matter and perhaps a few longer lasting bones.

This “scientifically” accepted process Begs A Question. What is the point? Why bother?

The answer to this question for any conscious individual is that there is no point, and that Macbeth was right.

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Macbeth Act 5, Scene 5

Many of our brothers, having chosen this option, in their effort to give some kind of meaning to their life, pursue the acquisition of material power, prestige and wealth. Theirs is an existence without anything like the moral conditions that govern somewhat the actions of most of us. They are heartless and will do anything without a second thought to gain what they need for their sense of worth. Most meet some form of a Macduff in the end.

So, the choice is that we can go with Macbeth or, we can choose between two other options.

The Religion Option
First, there is the religion option which a lot of us have chosen just to avoid going nuts. However, we need to realize that the religion option, which at its original core is sound, has become co-opted by various individuals and institutions who have made it almost as absurd as the “you’re dead. That’s it.” Option.

Religion” actually emerged from Science. There have always been actual impersonal scientists on the Planet who could and did register the reality of the multidimensional Cosmos. The Cosmos is for such individuals an unavoidable reality which is millions of times more actually real that the densest lead (Pb).

The Ageless Wisdom
The existing humanity of ancient times were not really intellectually or emotionally able to register or deal with such non-dense realities. So, in their efforts to communicate this Reality to these primitive humans, the “scientists” used tools that could deliver a sense for, or image of the real multidimensional cosmos. They used the science of art: music, dance, poetry, sculpture, theater, and what passed for novels or histories. They formulated, fabricated, and metaphorized all sorts of mysterious, and awesomely wonderful Teachings and Images to reveal the reality of the multidimensional Cosmos through the actions of the “gods”. Much of the Ageless Wisdom was transmitted orally, however as intelligence grew, skills emerged and much of the oral Teaching was captured and moved into what we call the literature.

Most of these Teachings used humanoid or anthropomorphic creatures to explain these unseen phenomena. However, because lots of unpleasant, “evil” and un-seeable phenomena were also present during those ancient times, there were sufficient numbers and kinds of demons and devils and such. All of these “beings” had various levels of marvelous super human powers, and they contended with one another for the salvation or dominance of human souls.

It is extremely important to realize that in all of these metaphorical presentations of Cosmos–truth, harmony, beauty, courage–the values of the Good were triumphant. These Teachings were used to explain many commonly occurring experiences that are not dense-physically verifiable. And, these Teachings were also the primary vehicles for the moral code which enabled individuals to discriminate between right behavior and destructive behavior.

Well, the problem with option two, of course, is that like all great art, these created metaphors carried powerful frequencies of truth. They were so powerful that over the eons, the vast majority of humans “believed” in—that is they accepted the forms, the metaphors as Truth, as Realty—various sorts of omnipotent and omnipresent “gods”. Think Neptune, Aphrodite, Zeus, Venus, and Pluto. This process was not exclusive to what we now call the West. Pretty much all peoples in all parts of the World had entire panoplies of such mystical beings all with names and specific powers. This process pretty much put Science on a back burner for a large number of thousands of years.

Gradually these anthropomorphic “gods” were kind of discredited or outgrown. Eventually, they were replaced by a more mentally amenable, if somewhat less exciting, more abstract, and less dense single “God”.

This notion of an individual all powerful God, presently populates most of the Western world’s current religions. However, the awesome powers, and certain of the actions attributed to this god by those who “communicate’’ with him, like the rather narrow minded decision making and meddling in human affairs, persisted. For example, some of us were “elected” or “chosen” and others were doomed or unclean. Most of us were cursed with “original sin”. However, “to be fair”, it gradually became possible to sort of buy one’s way out of the original sin problem with whatever passed for cash and some penance.

So together with the option at death of being judged “O.K.” and allowed into a place called heaven, or not, and spending a rather lengthy time in something akin to Dante’s Inferno, that pretty much sums up option two.

Option Three
Then there is option three which involves the willing assumption of at least the chance that a multidimensional harmonious, rational, and infinite Cosmos actually exists. But a warning is required here. If you actually go with this option you will likely lose most of your friends, and if you express your views in public, you will, in general, be smiled at, accepted as meaning well and shined on, or simply be labeled as, at best, an idealistic fool. However, in the end, it is worth the price.

It is literally not possible for a conscious, impersonal, at least semi-detached, human to understand, to experience, to live, or to legitimize life as anything more than an abbreviated experience “full of sound and fury signifying nothing” unless he or she is able to at least consider the existence of a multidimensional cosmos as an existing, and verifiable scientific reality. Many, many millions of us have bounced around, mostly in confusion and bewilderment and often on the border of emotional/mental collapse trying to figure out what was going on because what we were being told and what we were experiencing seemed at the very least just to not make any sense…somehow. Until, fortunately, some series of events brought us face to face with option three.

Since dense physical tools from stethoscopes to cyclotrons are useless in terms of discovering and understanding that which does not exist as relatively dense physical matter, it becomes obvious that we need a “tool” that can enable the examination of these relatively subtle dimensions. Fortunately, such a tool exists. It is called meditation. This ancient rigorous and demanding “tool”, which some humans have been using for, literally, eons, enables one to not only fore-search these less dense dimensions of Reality, but to have conscious experiences of them. This “tool” in the more advanced circles of the Science of Thinking, as we have said, goes by the general names of meditation and contemplation. This is of course the tool that A. Einstein used to come up with E=mc2.

Simply put, meditation is the conscious and deliberate use of the impersonal faculty we know as the faculty of consciousness. The meditator can with conscious, deliberate, action direct his or her consciousness or awareness from one consciously registered situation or dimension into infinitely more and more subtle, however consciously registerable, dimensions of energy.

The only mystery of this discipline is the one that is created by the ignorance of a one dimensional focused, delusionary belief that the dense physical dimension is all there is. As I said, and as documented by Stephen Crane, in his poem “The Trees in the Garden Rained Flowers” this unconsciously held belief was/is indoctrinated into the consciousness of most children as they grow.

The trees in the garden rained flowers.
Children ran there joyously.
They gathered the flowers
Each to himself.
Now there were some
Who gathered great heaps —
Having opportunity and skill —
Until, behold, only chance blossoms
Remained for the feeble.
Then a little spindling tutor
Ran importantly to the father, crying:
“Pray, come hither!
See this unjust thing in your garden!”
But when the father had surveyed,
He admonished the tutor:
“Not so, small sage!
This thing is just.
For, look you,
Are not they who possess the flowers
Stronger, bolder, shrewder
Than they who have none?
Why should the strong —
The beautiful strong —
Why should they not have the flowers?”
Upon reflection, the tutor bowed to the ground,
“My lord,” he said,
“The stars are displaced
By this towering wisdom.” 

This delusion still renders the conscious, intelligent registering of the greater Reality impossible for millions of our brothers and sisters. It is demonstrably obvious that, if one generates a thoughtform that denies the existence of anything that might exist beyond the dense physical, one will never be able to register it; and if by chance one does “bump into a non-dense something” one will immediately ether ignore it or think it is a fly or bug or some fantasy dream thing.

The big issue here is that in order to make meditation something other than a bunch of mystical Woo Woo, we need to come to grips with the reality of the electrical or the energy system in which we live. The Mystics referred to energy/electricity as “spirit” mainly, I suppose, because it could not be seen with the dense physical eyes. So “spirits” became these un-seeable entities.

Consequently, religion sort of supplanted science and we have spent centuries chasing ghosts and spirits and visions of non-corporeal beings of this or that kind, evil ones, like devils and demons, and “God” like ones, some of whom did some really weird stuff like getting humans pregnant, and some who would just pop in and tell various individuals secret stuff.

Almost from the get-go these un-seeable spirits (that is, un-seeable except for the few who claimed that they did or could see them) became acceptable as causable explanations for a number of very naturally occurring events like floods, droughts, lightning storms, and a whole host of various diseases and strange knockings in the night. This pretty much did in anything like science, and opened the door for all kinds of religious entities–wizards, priests, ministers and other kinds of random, bogus operators and powerbrokers–to manipulate human beings into believing all sorts of crazy stuff like life is a contest of survival of the fittest and the strongest deserve the best.

All of this kind of weird stuff whips up the emotional field and gets in the way of people actually learning how to Think which is a good descriptive term for what meditation actually is. Right now, we have the intellectual lower mind data processing function of concrete knowledge confused with Science or Thinking.

Data processing is not thinking. Thinking is another word for meditation. There is no data processing in meditation because there is no data, no forms to process. The “mind” is still. It becomes negative. Or to replace that hugely misunderstood term, receptive.

Energies of much higher frequencies than those used in the positive data or form processing function of the mind are able to impress the still, or negative, or receptive mental field we call the higher mind. The consciousness, the meditator, who is holding that point of stillness is “enlightened”, actually lit up with deeper or higher (Either is O.K. because neither deeper or higher exist in these dimensions.) insights and understanding.

In the 16 and 17 hundreds, the “science” of empiricism emerged from the mystic hocus pocus religion of the post multiple gods era, and more or less shares the field of Human belief with it today. Empiricism was partly a huge reaction to the absurdities of the religious “canon” which had evolved over the early CE centuries. Empirical materialism, which called itself Realism and generated what is called agnosticism or atheism, dominates what we call science today. It replaced the mystical world of gods and un-seen powers and definitely ruled out anything like a rational, existing, knowable, multidimensional cosmos. However, the vast majority of humans, being very concerned with the fact that they die, still found and find comfort and hope in the religious option.

As strange as it seems, and one could almost say that in spite of all of this, evolution worked in terms of advancing infant humanity along the planned evolutionary path. The proof is the fact that we are all still here. And as Humanity, thanks to the scientists or meditators among us, we actually have made some progress toward learning how to get along without killing ourselves and everything else around the place. So, the above recap is not a criticism, especially when it is understood that our progress was and still is being contested every step of the way by forces and beings who would rather we did not evolve.

Present Obstructions
However, the ancient, current, and still nagging problem is that these ancient, and at that time only, methods of revealing the Real Cosmos have become so ingrained, so taken without any thought or consideration, that they have become huge barriers to our further evolution and understanding. We actually exist or live in an infinite ocean of energy. And, everything that we do is done through the manipulation of energy. Our dense physical bodies are generated and maintained from the not accidental sperm and egg collision in a womb to the passing through a dimensional shift that we call death by the manipulation of energy by thought.

Every function that maintains our presence while manifested on the dense physical planes or, as it is called in the Ageless Wisdom, incarnated, is the effect of an electrical stimulation generated by a thought that has created and now causes a series of organs and glands and tissue and bones to do something, from breathing and beating our hearts to hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting, and smelling. The vast majority of functions that maintain our bodies in a state of manifestation are well below the threshold of our conscious awareness. They are the extremely ancient results of the scientific method of experiment, experience, and expression that over millions of years of evolution produced the thought forms or programs that are encoded in what we call our DNA, and are presently “automatic”, or pretty much beyond our conscious control. Try to stop breathing.

Even a superficial examination of the animal and plant kingdoms of the Planet reveal a similar pattern of life. Roses make roses and not daffodils because they carry electrical coding in their DNA that instructs them to make roses not daffodils. Why this is so difficult for present day material scientists to understand is beyond me.

Science is the handmaiden of wisdom, and opens the door to those infinite reaches and to those cosmic expanses, where stand Those Vaster Intelligences, who manipulate the matter of the higher planes, and bend it to the desired form, causing the vibrations thus set up to be felt at the furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not.” A Treatise on Cosmic Fire P. 329

What this means is that Thinking created all of what we see and consider to be real in this dense physical dimension. Thinking is what focuses and directs the lower mental intellectual process of form creations. Thinking is the directive power behind creation.

The most “creative” thing that Thinking does at the moment is generate IDEAs or Images of Truth. “That a situation is without solution is only imagined by those who would rely on other people rather than upon the power of their own thought. Grief experienced by others flows like the ripples of a stream; but the images of Truth, which you call ideas, rule the karma of the world. It is astonishing to see how images of Truth participate in the spatial battle. While the multitudes disintegrate in a blind fury of ignorance and betrayal, the thoughts of Truth weave their heavenly nests, which for real evolution are far more vital than any worship by entire nations.” Agni Yoga #122

Meditation is all about realizing that although we have bodies we are not those bodies. And, this is the hard part: we are in scientific fact the consciousnesses that inhabit and use these vehicles to further the Intentions of  “Those Vaster Intelligences, who manipulate the matter of the higher planes, and bend it to the desired form, causing the vibrations thus set up to be felt at the furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not.” Agni Yoga #122

The heavens, the uncountable Galaxies of infinite Space, are all the material dense manifestations of thought directed energies. An equally infinite multidimensional “space” holds wonders which are beyond our ability to formulate. Our efforts as human beings to do so are what makes up what we call Art/Science. Civilizations are the expressions of humans who have learned to travel into those subtle dimensions and then to share with us what they experienced and beheld in “those infinite reaches and … cosmic expanses, where stand Those Vaster Intelligences, who manipulate the matter of the higher planes, and bend it to the desired form, causing the vibrations thus set up to be felt at the furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire P. 329

So, what’s the point.

I am pretty convinced that many, if not the majority of the 7 billion humans currently incarnated on the planet have been here over and over again. In those many trips, they have encountered and been trained in the Science of Thinking or what we call meditation. If it is possible to demystify this learned skill and move it into the common ground of what it means to be a human being, it is possible that in a few generations the Science of Thinking will become a basic part of the elementary school curriculum. Remove the religious and mystical encumbrances from this human ability and it will become like learning to read, which my 6-year-old grandson does with ease. He could also be “meditating” with ease, if the illusory obstacles to the fact of our multidimensional Cosmos were removed.

The Immediate Path Ahead
Just for the record, the presently unfolding step in the evolution of Humanity is to become intuitive. Intuition, just as intelligence, is a normal condition of being human. This condition has been and is now actually occurring with greater and greater frequency in the consciousnesses of millions of individuals.

The Path to intuitive consciousness is through the discipline and skill of meditation. There are all kinds of “esoteric” lore and Teachings about what meditation and intuition is and how they work, much of which is couched in arcane language and symbolism which renders it practically unintelligible to the normally intelligent modern individual. However, in the common sense of Science and Physics it is not some super arcane skill that only a few selected beings can attain. It is really simply but another step in the technology of being human.

Some information of an introductory nature on the technology of meditation can be found at

It is also worth noting here that, consistent with Science, Humans who are not able to exist within the frequencies of a planet of Intuitives will be required to continue their evolutionary development on a different Planet more conducive to their capacity.

It’s all about electricity, and believe it, Love.

Tom Carney
June 2017

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