Exact Time Full Moon Meditation · Exact Time Letter

Gemini 2017 Exact Time Letter

Art courtesy of Bonneville L. Fontaine

Dear Friends:

Soon the Great Well Spring of Love to which we are drawn each spring by the deep knowing of our work, and with an attitude of demand, readiness and expectancy will open, and that which was invoked in Aries, and delivered in Taurus will be released through the actions we take in our daily lives into the fabric of Life we call Humanity.

Our role in this Divine Process is unmistakable and we accept it with gratitude and the certain knowledge  of the inevitable triumph of the Light and the manifestation of the New World.

Standing with you all in the Great Release, and

Loving you,


Note: Because we will be in England at the WSI conclave, we will not be holding an exact time on line meditation for Gemini. We will see you all on line for Cancer.

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