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Pisces Exact Time Full Moon Meditation – March 2017

Pisces2Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dear Co-Warriors

We have been holding the Exact Time rhythm for over 45 years, and, as you know, the spirals of the power of Beauty compile as the years pass. Never has this work been as important as it is now. Humanity has passed over the threshold and is well into the transfiguration of the Satya Yuga.

As we are so well aware, “Every evolutionary step evokes the fury of chaos, and such fury is a response to every benevolent aspiration.” Supermundane 2 # 320

We also need to recall as, “The Thinker constantly repeated, that the fury of chaos is the highest recognition of the leader.” Supermundane 2 # 240.

It is exactly the measure of our success over the past 75 or 80 years that has unleashed the extreme irrational fear and hate-driven forces that we now face.

Never in all of the long and bloody struggle has Humanity been so fiercely faced, and never has Humanity been so ready for Triumph. The Satya Yuga is as inevitable as tomorrow’s sunrise.

Recall for a moment what Pisces is about. Sacrifice and Resurrection. It is time to see Pisces in an Aquarian Light. Time to see that Pisces is a time of Jubilation. It is a time of Great triumph.

Pisces is about Joy. It is about transfiguration. I cannot come up with a better, more exact signifier than that. Think about the Monarch bursting forth from its chrysalis. Multiply that by an infinite number. This is the tale of Humanity.

Infinite Love


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