The Unavoidable Impending Intention -February 2017 Thoughtline

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This, the second Solar system is intended to develop “the comprehension of another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature)” The Rays and the Initiations P. 350

A giant step forward, several steps backward. After the Minds and Presence of such beings as Pericles, Aspasia, Anaxagoras, Phidias, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato, the “Glory that was Greece” gradually faded into the charade called the Holy Roman Empire. And many more than a few of the practitioners of this particular function were/are, as previously, total frauds.

For a couple of thousand years real Science was in the hands of the alchemists. However, due to the ravenous pursuit of the Church to root out blasphemy, most of these folks had to spend a lot of time and energy just hiding out. It was not until the late 13th century and the Renaissance that Science really began to be dis-covered and to make some respectable headway.

The Retrogressive Forces

However, The Retrogressors in the guise of “Spiritualists”, and Religious Mystics pretty much controlled the all-powerful Holy Roman Catholic Church, and were deeply ensconced in the day to day life of these times. These power brokers, operating under “direct instructions from God,” were not in the least interested in what science had to say concerning the nature of the world, especially if it contradicted “infallible” Scripture. The infallible scriptures said whatever the present infallible Pope said they said. The thinkers or scientists like Copernicus, and later Galileo, whose crime was to put the sun back in the center of the Solar System—where the Greeks had it—were continually thwarted, if not burned at the stake, in the name of god.

Imagine that! In these more “civilized” times, the power brokers, now owners of secular corporations rather than churches, simply buy up any new inventions or scientific breakthroughs that threaten their hold on power and the the economic systems and “shelve them”! (Example, electric cars were being used in France and England in the 1800’s).

The Reappearance of the Giants

Besides the reappearance of the giants of the arts and science, such as Da Vinci, Descartes, Newton, and Leibnitz, the Renaissance also brought forth a number of highly skilled mentally polarized sophists. These were the individuals who were largely responsible for turning the Golden Age of Greece into the rise of the Gilded Roman Empire and finally into the lead (Pb) of the dark ages. Once again, the Forces of Retrogression functioning through religion, economics, and intelligence generated “philosophy” worked to thwart the rising tide of Light. These individuals continued the retrogressive programs through people such as Machiavelli and empirical, materialist philosophers such as Locke and David Hume.

The Ancient Struggle

It is precisely this battle which we have seen raging on this planet over the last 1600 years. With the Industrial Revolution and the movement of power from religion and land ownership, to economics and commerce, the Retrogressors rapidly moved in this direction. Their major assets were in banking, and financial instruments, circulating through the world as stocks, bonds and debts as well as huge hordes of gold and the deeds to many properties.

Never focusing their forces in any one country, but especially since their defeat on the dense physical plane in the two-phase World War, the Retrogressors have become even more international by expanding their forces into major control of what is euphemistically called the Corporate world. Although they may pay “lip-service” to this or that nation, they owe allegiance only to themselves. From this platform, they are able to manipulate the economic and government programs of any nation. Their objectives, to foster the Great Illusion of a one-dimensional materialism in which separatism, competition, exclusivity, and privilege of the few in domination of the many, remain the same.

This is the battle that is raging today in the political arenas of the United States and other Nations.

Opposing these forces, as always, is the unstoppable unfolding of Consciousness and Science. This is a Science which is revealing the Reality of the multidimensional Rational Harmonic Cosmos. A realization of this Truth, always present and always evolving through the hearts and minds of the Forerunners, is resonating in the hearts and minds of, by now, billions of women and men.

True, the immediate present, circa 2017, looks and sounds very bleak. Causing things to look and sound not only bleak, but hopeless is the number immediate objective of the Retrogressive forces. Their program is to dishearten us because our secret weapon, the only weapon that can and always will triumph, is the Heart.

Discouragement, despair these are the allies, and the weapons of retrogression. These are the frequencies of the heartless, as T S Eliot immortalized them, of the “Hollow Men”.

“This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper”.

T S Eliot The Hollow Men

No Reason for Discouragement

There is no reason for us to be discouraged or disheartened. On the contrary, if we look at the BIG picture, we will be encouraged and not only hopeful, but determined and clear hearted that we will triumph. Over the centuries, and in spite of the enormous concentrated power of “fire by friction” in the hands of retrogressive forces, we can see the long trail of the struggle, of the blood and courage over which, again and again, through all of our recorded history the hearts among us have moved to unavoidable triumph.

It is just Evolution!

In recent years, we have made enormous strides in freeing ourselves from this silly, one dimensional prison of material illusion that Plato so clearly pointed out in the Republic. However, many of our sisters and brothers are still held prisoner, still literally chained to that one-dimensional wall of the materialist illusion of ownership of property and wealth. The current manifestation of The Cave, or the Big Lie, glitzier, more technologically sophisticated, more powerfully present than anything since Atlantis, throughout the physical, emotional, and lower mental planes, is presently in our face.

We think of Donald Trump, and his cabal of operatives, and millions of our sisters and brothers shudder! But not to worry. He is not the first. He is just the current in a long line of Retrogressors, ignoramuses who think they can stop the sun from rising. Remember the dinosaurs were a problem too.

The Impending, unavoidable Frontier

Anybody who is consciously paying attention to the unfolding “big picture” realizes on several levels that Humanity is moving along its spiral of evolution, quite rapidly now due to the growing presence of the 7th Ray and the Law of Periodicity, into the next phase of its eons long journey back to the Light. Currently, it is assumed that our written, or dense material records of civilization begin some 4000 years before the death of Christ. Most of these “ancient” records concern events that make up the oral myths and legends of events from unknown centuries before. What is notable in these ancient and the more recent recordings of our struggle on the Path is the nature and the source of the insatiable “urge to know” that has always been driving us.

The Non-Material Driver

We have given this non-material driver many, many names among which are the Spark of Divinity, the Soul, or Spirit. Actually, a more scientific way to look at this unquestionably present “presence” is to understand it as Consciousness. “Consciousness might be defined as the faculty of apprehension, and concerns primarily the relation of the Self to the not-self, of the Knower to the Known, and of the Thinker to that which is thought about.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire P.243    What this means is that we, you and I, are consciousness. We are what realizes that we are not the little bird flying around the flower garden and neither are we the flowers.

Consciousness which, if you think about it is only another name for Love, is not only the bridge, the link between the “things” of our environments, but it also the bridge between the dimensions of the multidimensional Cosmos AND, the field, the channel between the Intender and the Creator, or the Father and the Mother. Consciousness is what has always been driving evolution. We can, if we look, easily see that Consciousness is what is alive in a human being. It is present in every human being with that first breath outside of the womb. Consciousness is the Life Force, the Heart of every human being. It knows the End from the Beginning. And, it drives us both micro, as in individual humans, and macro as in the one Humanity, literally. We just have to know what’s around that next bend on the trail. And, nothing, nothing has ever, ever, been able to stop us from finding out.

Ergo, evolution.

The challenge, of course, is to avoid becoming enmeshed or identified with what we find there. The moment we assume that we are that of which we are conscious, we are trapped. And Humanity as a group has been trapped in and struggling toward freedom from this very illusion for Ages. As each one of us frees her or himself from the identification with the forms, not just our dense physical bodies, but all of the ancient “habits” and “traditions” and knee jerk assumptions of materialism, we free Humanity.

Well, we, that is Humanity, have entered a new pitch in this long, long climb on the mountain of consciousness. Presently, Humanity is and has been, for thousands of years, egoistically identified with our own intelligence. We really think we’re really smart. We have been hung up, or stuck, so to speak in a methodology that Consciousness anciently used to understand and dominate the dense physical plane. According to the Ageless Wisdom, this methodology, Intelligence, was perfected to its highest possible state in the First Solar system. This, the Second Solar system is intended to develop “the comprehension of another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature)” The Rays and the Initiations P. 350    This “other set of Principles” comes under the heading of Love.

The first system utilized the Mind to organize and form Matter to implement or manifest its vision through the application of Intelligence. The overarching evolutionary objectives of the past, 18 million years or so have been: a), to move Humanity from its emotional/mental identification with its own dense physical vehicle and a one-dimensional form world, and b), to move Humanity from its fixated use of intelligence to create its separative ego driven desires and plans with the mind, and c), to awaken or stimulate the realization of our Living in and being an inseparable part of an Harmonic and Unified multidimensional Cosmos, and the Reality of the Love/Wisdom or heart centered vision of Life.

“It is possible, surely, that the ancient truism, “the mind is the slayer of the real” may be fundamentally true where the mass of humanity is concerned, and that the purely intellectual approach (which rejects the vision and refuses to accept the unprovable) may be far more at fault than the anticipations of the Knowers of God and the expectant multitude.” Externalization of the Hierarchy P. 611, “There is a deep occult significance to the words “an open mind”; it is as essential to correct interpretation as is freedom from glamour and the psychic expressions to be found upon the astral plane.” Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle P.107

A busy, busy mind is not an open mind. It is “not thinking”, not receptive. It is processing data. It is doing what intelligence does. An open mind is receptive to impression from the World of Ideas and the realm of Principle. This is thinking, or to use another term, intuition.

I, of course, am a Trekkie. I am also a Stars Wars follower, an avid reader of Science Possibilities, or “fiction” as it is called by the unimaginative, from Julian May’s Galactic Milieu Trilogy, to Neil Stephen’s Seveneves, as well as numerous volumes of Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, and the Agni Yoga series of Science Possibilities, or “esoteric literature” as it has been called. I, of course, am also a lover and consumer of all of the “ancient” great science possibility writers and recorders of the past, from Homer, Sophocles, Aeschylus, to Shakespeare, Swift, Keats, Faulkner, J. K. Rowling, and everything in between.

What all of this literature offers is a wider, deeper, a more accurate and meaningful view in terms of what is evolving, of Humanity’s evolution, than most of academic intellectual history and “social sciences”. These writings, for the most part, document the various dense physical effects of evolution with almost no sense of what is actually evolving. Consequently, we have detailed records of tool development and exhaustive accounts of conquests, wars, genealogy of kings and emperors, whole economic and political systems, based on the effects of these wars, but not much in the way of insight of the evolution of consciousness. For that we need the Arts and Science.

The Retrogressors of course did everything they could think of to interfere with this outpouring. As controllers of the religion they hid and destroyed much of the produce of the Golden Age. They sequestered anything like education behind huge walls of religious indoctrination and royal privilege. By 1475 only 5% of the adults in England were literate. It took about 350 years to raise this to 53%. Today, roughly 90% of the populations of the Western Word are literate.

What is not shown in this data is that every percentage point of growth was at the cost of an often-bloody battle. The controlling forces were Intelligent. The objective was to keep the masses ignorant.

It should be obvious after 18 million years that the Light ultimately Triumphs over the darkness. The Retrogressors may have one more chance to go with the Plan; however, at this point it does not appear that they have as yet realized the ignorance and futility of separation. The thing about evolution is that it evolves. Humanity has already made the transition or the “transfiguration” into the fabled “New Age”. It is a done deal.

The “asteroid” of expanding consciousness has already slammed into Earth. There remains just a small, in terms of the Path, matter of the inevitable dense manifestation of the Intendor’s Intention. It is unavoidable.

What we are seeing now are the death throes of a gigantic dinosaur that has been feeding on Humanity for millions of years… Good riddance.


February, 2017

Tom Carney

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