January 2017 Thoughtline – Triumph is Unavoidable

Dear Friends,

The sun entered Capricorn on December 21st. The Sagittarian Arrow of determination is speeding toward the Mountain top and the beginning of another leg of the 18,000,000, year Journey from the darkness to the Light. This is a good thing to ponder on in these days. It is good to realize that it has been an 18,000,000-year journey. We have travelled through enormous difficulties, overcome huge odds in millions of battles and we have always at least inched our way into the Light.

It is not a coincidence that Love was born or revealed in the darkest time of the Year. It is a statement.  “Love conquers All.” The reason love conquers all is that it is the carrier wave of Logoic Intention. Hence, this issue of Thoughtline.


Triumph is Unavoidable

The obvious fact is that we are presently involved in a serious struggle with the Forces of Retrogression. Most people think that our struggle is on the dense physical plane. It involves bombs, bullets, refuges, starvation, killing, and maiming people. This is war. It is happening now.

But what is also happening now, in this and practically every nation on the planet, is a very different kind of war. This war, a world war, is being waged primarily on the emotional and lower mental planes. The primary weapon is the generation and radiation of fear, doubt and irritation. It’s initial delivery device is what we call the media. However, once infected, every person’s thought life, further empowered and driven by the radiation of their freaked out emotional vehicles, becomes a delivery device as well.

Any one paying attention to the media coverage of the events which are unfolding on the planet, is being exposed to a steady stream of debilitating and destructive hysteria energy. The outputs coming from most of the news media—the pundits, columnists, reporters, commentators and others who are interpreting these events and sharing their opinions via TV, radio, print, and, the most powerful of all, the brand-new media called the Internet—are exposing the readers, watchers and listeners to literally lethal doses of high powered emotional and mental radiation. Thus infected, each one becomes a radiating station of this destructive energy. This is ongoing in every nation, in every language throughout the planet.

The outputs, even the ones that try to be reasonable, carry an emotional/mental frequency which generates inner feelings ranging from sadness and grief to doom and impending disaster. They are the frequencies of fear, doubt, irritation, anger, hate, and despair. All of these horrors sleep in the same bed and are often found in the same thoughtform.

The energy frequencies of these beasts generate chemical reactions in the bloodstream and nervous system which produce deposits of a deadly poison known in the ancient wisdom as imperil. Agni Yoga #15 These deposits line the walls, dumb down and eventually block the function or sensitivity of the nervous system. The poison gradually infuses the entire organism and generates disease and decomposition in the individual physical body or the collective consciousness of the body politic.

The Relativizing of Truth

One of the most obvious pathologies of this disease is the total ignoring of dense physical scientific fact, and the Relativizing of Truth. “My truth is just as true as your truth.” This eliminates the basic principles upon which our country is founded, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The intention and the effect of making Truth relative is to cause the destruction of Unity and create the illusion of separation. Separation fosters and spreads the ism-viruses: race, sex, age, nationality, religion, and class, and generates the ego diseases of superiority and privilege. Since I am bigger, stronger, richer and more powerful than you, it is obvious that I am superior as well.

This war has been going on in many parts of the world for some time. It started to become apparent in the U.S. with the election of Ronald Regan. Since then it has been subtlety and steadily growing in intensity. The explosive appearance in our midst of Donald Trump, just the loudest and most obvious of numerous generators of imperil, has created a veritable firestorm of fear, doubt, and irritation which is sweeping through the population of this nation, and many others


Friends, this is not new. We have faced this abyss before, many, many times. This is but the latest, and probably the last, in an eons long series of moves by the forces of retrogression to generate terror, fear doubt and irritation to impede, hold up, detour, and slow down the cycle of evolution.

The Retrogressors are very good at what they do; however, you will notice that I said, “slowdown”. I did not say stop evolution. I did not say stop because it is not possible to stop Cosmic Intention which is what evolution is. There is a Cosmic Plan being manifested through this planet. This Plan has been unfolding for more years than we can imagine, and there is nothing that the retrogressors have ever been able to do to stop it.

Its continued unfolding is inevitable and unavoidable.

You know, it’s our identification with our bodies and the time thing that gets us all freaked out and screwed up. We think we have this tiny bit of time to live, 71 years on average. I do not mean that we sit around worrying about how old we are or anything like that. I mean we have this really tiny window, maybe 50 years or so where we can be even semi-conscious of what is happening outside of our own immediate selves in the world.

Separated as it is from the continuity, beauty and complexity of the Great Unfolding, this tiny separated slice of life that our time limited view gives us is grossly distorted. These distortions become the unconscious sources of a whole range of our assumptions about what is and is not real. And those assumptions hooked up with the fact that most of us do not, cannot realize that we are in scientific fact immortal energy beings, leads us into another whole raft of assumptions about appropriate behavior that are simply ignorant. Together these ignorant assumptions lead to the making of a whole lot of really stupid decisions.

As I have been pointing out, I am very well aware of the world situation, of the suffering, the sorrow and despair. I could, at this point, make an extremely long and terrifying list of our stupid and imperiling decisions, but I will refrain from so doing.

Instead I will share what makes me personally full of JOY especially in this rather rough bit of the Path over which we must go. Everything I see around and about me, nature, the way elements come together, like how an atom of hydrogen and an atom of oxygen hook up and make water, the way that trees make themselves and live thousands of years by combining carbon dioxide, water, dirt, and sunlight, the way a baby is made and born. In the evenings, our neighborhood is blazing with colored light.

Everything about this is rational. It all works together in some kind of synthesis of beauty and truth. You look at it and you say “Right! That makes sense.”

That we are in scientific fact immortal “souls” or energy beings, makes a lot more sense to me than to accept that I am just this bag of bones and organs, destined to run around on the planet for a few years and then die. I know. I know. I have heard this for a lot of my present incarnation, but I just could not get it.

It is this knowing of the rationality and beauty of Cosmos that makes striving forward, possible. For example, yesterday I was saw an aerial video of present day Aleppo. It was a terrible physical blow to my body. It was coming face to face with insanity, with the result of the darkness of ignorance. My response was that this must not stand. This must go! The effect was to stimulate my resolve to put an end to this kind of stuff on this planet.

So, having decided a long time ago that I am immortal, I can look at the picture of the Great Unfolding from a much broader point of view.

It takes a lot of will, and self-forgetfulness a lot of courage, compassion, and willingness to work for the Common Good, and that takes HEART. The whole point of the retrogressors offensive is to dishearten us. To make us look outside of ourselves for help and relief.

We, of course, can only be “helped” if we choose to be helped. We need to choose rationality. We need to consciously choose Harmony and Beauty, Joy and Love.

These are not words, they are the names of Living streams of Primal Energy. We need to open to these energy streams, invite them in to our systems. We need to be radiated by them.

As we are irradiated, we become beacons of radiation. Every thought becomes a “thunder baring arrow” of Joy and Light. These arrows of Light are powered by the Heart. There is no force or barrier that the retrogressors can generate, including the poison of imperil that cannot be dissolved by arrows of the Primal Energy, of Wisdom, the fusion of Will and Love. As we live and move through our environments we can become conscious, deliberate radiators of Beauty and Truth.

In short sisters and brothers, it is time to stop saying the Great Invocation and to start Being the Great Invocation.

From the beginning, they struggled. From the beginning, we conquered.” Triumph is unavoidable.

January 2017

Tom Carney

The Mantram of Unification

The sons of men are one and I am one with them.

I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the soul control the outer form, and life and all events,
And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail. Let all men love.

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