December Thoughtline – We are not the Robot

“The whole method of evolution is simply that of adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the former proves entirely adequate as a body of expression for the latter.” A Treatise on Cosmic Fire P.231

wethepeopleBig Flash: We are not the form. We are the Creators and Energizers of the Form!

This is the basic, bottom line message of the “Secret Doctrine” that H. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine was trying to convey, and which the original “Instigators”, of which there are only 4 left, have been trying to “spread” for 18 million years. Treatise on White Magic P. 377.   What, you might ask, has taken so long for this simple fact to be realized by Humanity? The big hurdle was, and still primarily is, that most of us are absolutely convinced that we are indeed our forms, or as we call them, our bodies.

Long, long ago, “the third rootrace in the fourth round” A Treaties on Cosmic Fire p. 299 of the Great Unfolding, the Intention, the Vision, of the Intendor or the Planetary Logos as “He” is designated in the Ageless Wisdom of the Secret Doctrine ran into a problem in the manifestation process of Planet Earth. Evolution could not proceed without a significant upgrade to the primitive mental equipment which in its present condition was not able to process data or do come even close to being able to do what today we call “think”. The Earth’s Intendor sought and got some help in this matter from the Intendor of Venus.

At the request of the Intendor of Planet Earth a group of Human Venusians, highly evolved, pure, focused and organized energy entities, (what the Teaching refers to as Lords of Flame, Agnishvattas or generally “Spirits”) were called to “incarnate” on Earth. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire P.300.    So, we incarnated. We took on dense physical, animal man, Earth bodies. We sort of got into our pre-made cars and stared them up. Our mission: to plant the “spark of Mind” into the vehicles of what then was animal man. This action is what the Teachings call the Great Sacrifice. (Imagine being willing to move from being a Super Conscious Immortal Entity into the dense physical body of a primitive human being!)

Then after some undoubtedly longish period of “time, the great deluder” Treatise on Cosmic Fire p.593,  we forgot that we were not the bodies that we had assumed in order to get around and aid the evolution of the planet. Our awareness of our True Selves—purely focused, self-conscious, immortal, energy entities, Souls, the animating Life Force of the vehicles—was lost. We became progressively identified with our bodies.

Imagine gradually becoming conscious in this world seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, tasting and smelling it, obviously being a part of it and not having a clue about what it was. The most obvious thing in this incomprehensible phantasmagoria was our self, our body. We, this body was what was walking around and getting eaten by other bigger bodies. How could we have possibly identified with anything else.

It was probably some longish period of time after the initial incarnation that the effort of the original Intenders to help us regain our awareness of our true Nature was begun. By that time, this illusion of being our bodies was deeply, deeply ingrained in what passed for our consciousnesses, and was creating a huge blockage to the evolution of the Intendor’s Plan. So, for the last 18,000,000 years, give or take, we have been trying to get this Big Secret out of the closet, so to speak.

Another big problem that the original “Spreaders” had in completing this part of the experiment was, obviously, that at that point in the experiment nobody could actually think. As I said, we did not have then what we now call operating mental bodies. The Spreaders could not say to one of us, “Hey friend, you’re not your body. You are actually a pure energy entity, what we call the Soul, who is inside this body and animating it.”

The 18-million-year scientific process that was followed in the effort to unhinge us from this identification with our form is what D.K. refers to as “unfoldment and experience…each produces the other.” Treatise on White Magic P. 374.   It is the Scientific Process of experiment, experience and expression. We act, experience the effects of whatever action we took, and evaluate the effectiveness of the action in terms of reaching our intended goal. If the action was not that effective, which was/is often the case in the beginning, we then, if we’ve got it together, either modify the action, or if we do not as yet “have it together” we repeat the experiment and suffer the consequences until we do get it together.

This is basically what “walking the Path” is about. It’s like baby steps. Once we understand the lesson of the experience, it will lead to an “unfoldment” or a deeper realization of one’s true identiy. It’s like we do not just jump out of the closet, we sort of creep out in tiny little bits. This process will eventually (remember we are talking about 18 million years here.) lead to the unavoidable realization that one is not his or her form, and that the assumption that one is his or her form creates a separation in reality that renders one “not together”. And then the real fun begins.

All of this, as many of you know is spelled out in the Teaching in rather mystical, and obscure metaphorical terms as the battle between the “personality” and the Soul. “This goes on until the consciousness is stabilized in the Self, in the One. Then the initiate knows himself to be the onlooking Unity watching the phenomenal phantasmagoria of life in form.” A Treatise on White Magic p.375

Well, I am pretty sure that most of those reading this are very familiar with this process. The point here is that we do KNOW this. The problem is that still, after 18,000,000 years, there is a part of us with which we are still identified that resists this fact. And so, we are hung up in what is really a ridiculous tug of war between what our personality, or ego, or illusory self, wants and what we Know to be Truth.

A Different View

I suspect that those who read these Thoughtlines are pretty much in the same boat I occupy. In this day and age, we have rather highly developed lower and higher mental equipment. We can actually understand the scientific processes of the physics of evolution. We know, scientifically, that we are not our bodies. We understand that our dense physical body is a “biological” automata, that it operates automatically on an incredibly beautiful set of algorithms, that, as long as it is actuated by a Life force, it is designed to function in perfect harmony with the ecosystem of this Planet, that if taken proper care of, it is capable of functioning perfectly for probably hundreds of years.

We also know that we have two other “bodies”. They are called the emotional and mental bodies. And we know that the activators of the vast majority of our behavior is focused in these bodies. Still, knowing all of this, in the years that we have been engaged in our “Unfoldment” struggle we find ourselves repeatedly going over the same ground. However, we seek nothing for a separated self. We are pursuing the path of Joy. Mistakes are stepping stones, and boundaries are invitations to explore.

Over the years, I started to think of my equipment in a kind of different way, more from an electrical energy cause and effect, scientific fact, point of view. Unlike the stimulus response programs that run in our dense physical body, the stimulus response programs in the emotional and mental bodies are not hard wired. They are, every single one of them, editable. They can be changed, modified, updated, or deleted. They are bits of “code” thought generated electrical instructions that we created ourselves as we went along on the Path.

It occurred to me, that if I can delete whole paragraphs of coded instructions from a program or a piece that I am writing, why can’t I delete whole blocks of coded instructions for the behaviors that I have been writing, for apparent eons, in this piece I call my life. Turns out that I have, and I can.

The delete key turns out to be what we call Spiritual Will, that is scientifically, rationally based Will. The notion of being a relatively intelligent animal destined to run amok for a few years and then die just makes no sense. What is the point? This Real-ization is the starting point.

The Basic thing that we absolutely need to get a hold of and understand, if we really want to make some progress in this effort, to make use of this Self controlling power, is that Energy actually does Follow Thought. This is not a mysterious religious notion. This is a fact. Our thoughts create the programs that for the most part run unconsciously in our two subtle bodies, the emotional and lower mental, and determine our behavior in any given situation.

We, not some inscrutable being that hangs out in our “closets”, wrote the programs, the code that is actuating our behavior. What we created, we can change. We are the System Administrator. The big problem is that at present we are accommodating two separate administrators in the same house or equipment.

The Teaching, as you know, refers to one of these Administrators as the personality and the other as the soul. Each of these programmers have what are mostly diametrically opposed agendas of goals and objectives. Each of the them have also written and established various programs to achieve those goals which are running within the mental and emotional frequencies of the House. Depending on which administrator is steering the vehicle, these programs will automatically, that is usually below the threshold of our conscious awareness, implement the demands of their quite different agendas.

We need to real-ize the Real Programmer and understand that the programmer we call the personality is its self a program. The personality is not Real. It is a very complex program which we self-developed over many incarnations to help us cope with the phantasmagoric world in which we found ourselves as we gradually became conscious.

Our personality is not a crime or a bad thing to be ashamed of. It is just that its agenda is based on a big mistake or illusion. As I mentioned, in forgetting who we are, we came to the conclusion that we were what we could see, what we could feel, what breathed, what walked, what got hungry and ate. And although we spent and spend lots of energy avoiding facing it, what was mortal and could be killed or eventually would die.

All of the programs we have written and implemented to achieve the ends and goals of that illusion, the algorithms that run in our various bodies–to protect what we see as our separated selves, to avoid those things that harmed or caused us pain, to satisfy our personal physical needs and then our personal psychological needs and desires are actually interfering with our evolution, with our destiny.

I have been writing about a single human, but this is the story for Humanity. We, Humanity, have been assuming that that which we are not is either an enemy or a friend, depending on what it could or could not do to satisfy one or another of our desires/needs. Thus, the programs were motivated and driven by our selfish concern for our separate welfare and happiness, micro and macro, as individuals and as nations, cultures, sexes, religions, races, etcetera.

We, Humanity, fortunately have those alternative programs running in our Collective House. These programs were written over countless incarnations in the same way as the personality program. However, they were and are based in and motivated or driven by the innate sense that we all have of something more, of something that makes sense, something that “feels” kinship, a kind-ness and solidarity with others, all others.

And we have made progress. Using this we have, after some 18 million years, gradually created a government based in the eternal Laws of Cosmic Physics. For example, the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” These basic concepts are enshrined in the , “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

These are not nice sounding fairy tales. They are real energy systems codified into Programs and algorithms running in the mass consciousness of Humanity. They are evolving in to manifestation every single day. And what we see occurring now on this planet is the process of the that evolution.

These words encapsulate the unavoidable Path into the Plan, not for any individual nation but for Humanity. “The Divine Plan, is a state of consciousness referred to as the Christ. This is the Plan for humanity, the evolution of each individual member of humanity into conscious identification with Christ and the self-initiated effort of every separated unit of consciousness into the Being of Christ.” The Nature of the Soul chapter 15

Christ consciousness, of course, has little to do with the formulations of traditional religions. Christ is just another word for Love. Love is the energy that leads the way into Future, into Infinity. Welcome aboard.

Toiler, when the energy is transmuted into an ocean of light, does thy consciousness quiver or expand? Toiler, is thy heart fearful or exultant when before thee looms Infinity? (conclusion) New Era Community

December 2016
Tom Carney

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