Exact Time Letter

Exact Time Letter – November 2016


Dear Friends

As we have been saying and seeing for some decades now, “It’s about Consciousness.” In a recent blog, I suggested that the election was a test, a “sorting” of the conscious and the unconscious. I suggested that the choice was the path between something that resembles chaos and something that looks at least promising.  Those who were conscious would choose the latter. That part of the experiment was successful.

It is another part of the experiment that is presenting us a problem. I know that “assuming” is always a bad idea. It tends to get one focused on the forms being sorted, and off of the Purpose for the sorting. Never the less, I participated in the assumption, along with millions of others, that the sorting would lead to the “winning” of the presidency. Well, we now know how that went.

This experiment like all experiments which have been conducted by those who are responsible for the planning and manifestation of Logoic Intentions was—or is, we should say, since it is still ongoing—is not about electing a particular human to be the President of the United States. It is about determining the number of incarnated souls whose personal consciousness has evolved enough to see the distinction and to identify with it.

The sorting did work. It revealed that 60,007,707 people chose the Path that looked at least promising and rejected the Path that appears to be headed into some form of chaos. The “promising” group was greater than the chaos group by 270,824 people or .22%of the whole.

We have been talking about the evolution of consciousness and the inevitable “tipping point” that will generate “the shift”, or the “transfiguration” of Humanity on the planet for, as I said, decades. In this sampling, the majority of our sisters and brothers chose evolution. .22% may not seem, like much, but then we are talking about energy and evolution. We are talking about achieving a “critical mass”. At some point in the expansion the difference between a non-critical and critical mass becomes infinitesimal.

Also, the fact that the chaos group prevailed in terms of electing the President is not any kind of indicator that consciousness expansion has stopped or even slowed. It is only a visual and highly significant reminder of the kinds of systems developed and manifested by the ignorance or unconscious awareness of unevolved humanity that we will be replacing.

It seems appropriate to mention a long used technique of the Planers called, tactica adversa.  “Tactica Adversa is the tactical exhausting of the adverse. Precisely, when the Light Forces wish to fulfill some plan on Earth, They make allowances for all possibilities, envisioning even the worst circumstances, so that success can be guaranteed even under the worst conditions. Then every betterment of the condition is already an unexpected plus. Thus, from the worst is derived a benefit. When such tactics are applied, the enemies often contribute to the success.” Letters of Helena Roerich I May 8,1935

Also, friends, let us recall that we are in the Fourth Ray energy field of the constellation Scorpio. The impulsing energy of Scorpio, the 4th Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art, generates purificatory tests, or experiments, which lead to trials, or experience, and the eventual expression of Triumph. The Fourth Ray, the “Ray of Harmonizing Power”, the “Hand of God, the Light with in the Light”, generates the unavoidable sounding of Triumph, the “Trumpet of the Lord”. Esoteric Psychological 1, P.74

Only a fool would confuse the noisy chaos of Donald Trump’s conquest of the “sitting duck” Electoral College with the Triumph of the Trumpet of the Lord, or the Transfiguration of the Planet.

It was never going to be that easy… just a simple matter of “winning” the presidential election. Humanity has never done it the simple way. Experience should have taught us that. For us it has always been “all or nothing”. There was going to be a battle of the bulge. The incredible backlash that the election of Obama generated was/is an indicator of some “rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouching toward Bethlehem to be born”. W.B. Yeats “The Second Coming”.

So, friends, I, and many of our sisters and brothers, see this particular event at this particular time in the cyclic perspective of our long, long journey back to the Light, not as a defeat, not of the losing of something, but as an indicator, as the gaining of the awareness of significant progress, of, as President Obama pointed out, Change that Matters.

Change that matters is a matter of consciousness friends. We, the People, enough of us, won the election in Change that matters. Our collective consciousness has evolved to the point that we can, rather easily, see the difference between evolution and devolution. We are now facing the challenge of the Retrogressors to that condition.

An old warrior understanding is apropos. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” And I might add Master M’s ancient observation, “From the beginning, they struggled. From the beginning, We conquered. We do not admit into the great battles the small worms that crawl in the mist.” If this were not the case, friends, we would have been goners long ago.

So, get ready, the fun is about to begin!

With Enduring and Tireless Love (What else could Love be?)


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