September Thoughtline — Getting Focused

bayIt may amuse people to hear that large sectors of those brothers and sisters who can process data and generate or literally man-u-facture forms, thoughtforms in this case, have been out of focus for centuries. It isn’t that these people look fuzzy to those who bother to observe. It’s that the field of vision of these people is literally, extremely out of focus. They see what they see; however, what they see are only events and superficialities, the densest aspects of Reality, that which we call the material world. And this very limited vision is “believed” by them to be Reality. This belief governs their focus and actually renders them blind to any other possibilities.

Consequently, what is seen is only a shadow or the vaguest possible copy of a copy, of a copy, as it were, of what is Real. With the exception of an occasional Idea that is managed to be inserted into the formulation process by a greater or lesser avatar (usually at the cost of their life) those systems, policies, rules and laws which Humanity has generated or manufactured over the centuries are all based on false assumptions. These assumptions are based on the shadows of the Real Cosmos and have slowed and hindered humanity’s evolution since the beginning. Knowing about this issue is not new, of course. Plato made it quite clear in his “Allegory of the Cave” which was quickly ignored and shelved for a thousand years or so by those blinded by their vision of the shadows. Paul gave it a shot with his “see through a glass darkly” comment, but few of the people who heard or read it in 56 AD or so had the equipment to actually understand what he was talking about; and it got all confused with being dead and going to heaven.

However, those greater and lesser “avatars”, the bringers of Ideas, kept coming, and in the succeeding 2500 years or so, Humanity has made much progress. Though seemingly slow, in the larger view, evolution has occurred faster and come further than at any time in our previous history. Today there are literally billions of souls in incarnation who know that the material plane is only the bottom of the bucket.

It is common to think of evolution as a process whereby Human bodies gradually develop into higher forms. This happens, but it is really an effect rather than a cause of evolution. Evolution is actually a process in which the Intensions of a Creator are gradually worked out through human equipment that is capable of registering and containing at least momentarily the frequency of those Intentions. This is how evolution works. It moves what actually exists in those higher dimensions or in the “future” (The future is not a place in time; it is a place in consciousness.) into forms, starting with thoughtforms, on the dense physical planes.

Conclusion! It is high time for Humanity to start a conscious cooperation with evolution. To do this we need to expand our vision. We need to consciously encompass the higher dimensions which make up our immediate home, and begin to consciously work from that “future”. For those who are not still suffering from the near-sighted blindness of the materialistic vision, our future, those “inner” dimensions are recognized as the source of evolution. What we call IDEAS are the “energy” embodiments of the Intentions of the Intender as they exist in the higher mind or the World of Ideas. Ideas are formless, or as they are called in the Wisdom, simply “images of Truth”.

Ideas are not ideals. Ideals are thoughtforms generated mostly by human minds and brains. Ideals are the products of efforts by human beings, who have with their minds at least touched the Idea, to give density or form to the formless “image of Truth” which they touched.

Frequently the vision which the person touched is of such a high and powerful frequency of Beauty that the energy goes directly into the emotional body and clouds the clarity, the meaning and significance of the Idea. This tends to generate what we call utopias. Utopias are generally highly emotionally influenced attempts to formulate an Idea. Such formulations become “unreachable” Ideals. These ideals being very emotionally magnetic tend to interfere with efficient and rational implementation of the Idea.

This move into the future or the role of Conscious Observer, will not require some horrendous ripping detachment from our physical, emotional and mental equipment, what we call our bodies. We do not have to leave home and go to India or China or Mt. Shasta. “closer is He than breathing, nearer than hands and feet”. We do not have to spend years studying arcane teachings. We don’t even have to “eat raw” or be vegans. Actually, a great many of us, have already done all of those things both in this and previous incarnations. The move onto those higher dimensions involves a couple of really simple common sense, conscious, that is deliberate, changes to our currently pathetic superficial focus.

Number 1.

Experience the common sense realization that all of this stuff we call the material planet came from, and is going to Somewhere Else. That Somewhere Else is the multidimensional cosmos within which we actually do live and move and have our being. This very simple realization will expand the consciousness into the Supermundane.

A little background here: According to the Ageless Wisdom we are living within a multidimensional energy field we call a Solar System. We, you and I and our, at present 7+ billion, brothers and sisters, live in a “sub” system of that Solar system within a multidimensional energy field we call Earth. Earth is one of a number (a number rather larger than we presently think.) of Planets involved in the second iteration of this Solar System. (A solar System goes through three iterations to develop the Intention of the Intender. A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, P.254)

Each iteration of a system eventually generates a perfect manifestation in dense or “material” form of a Principle as part of the overall Project. The Principle that was developed into perfect form in the first iteration of this Solar System was Intelligence. A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, P. 24

This Principle was developed to the highest possible level. As an effect of that development, in this second systemic iteration the actual energy/matter of the planet is Intelligent. Intelligence is ubiquitous, omnipresent it is within and without everything. This Planet is the manifestation of the intelligent form of an Intender or Creator. (I avoid using the term god because of the layers of illusion and non-sense associated with it.)

If this sounds really strange or goofy, let’s just expand our focus a bit. Just look at your back yard, or if you live in one of the cement and steel places like New York City or Chicago, go to Central or Jackson Park where you can see a tree. Take a good look at that tree; say it’s an oak. It has acorns. See how it is made from a whole bunch of different frequencied stuff, but mainly dirt, water, air, and sunlight. See how it works with roots and branches and leaves and all. And then, not twenty feet away, there is another tree. This one is a completely different example of treeness. Let’s say it’s a pine tree. It has pine cones. It has the same dirt, same water, air, and sunlight, but is a completely different tree. Isn’t it obvious that these trees are miracles of intelligence? These things work perfectly. They do exactly what they are designed to do. Now, write an algorithm that could cause some dirt, water, air, and sunlight to make a tree. Then realize that the acorns make oak trees and the seeds in the pine cones make pine trees. They never get it mixed up. Acorns always make oak trees. Pine cone seeds always make pine trees. The acorn and the pine cone carry the program that makes the tree! This is intelligence not only in form but in action.

I mentioned a tree as an example. Think of the dense physical bodies that we are using to get around on the planet. Think of all those organs and glands and bones and stuff, all working in harmony. It is Beauty. It is Truth walking around and making more copies of itself. Here we are several billions of years into this second iteration, and we still cannot fathom the intricacy, the amazing thing we call a body. It is an example of intelligence.

So, for anyone who is actually thinking, which is quite a different function than processing data, how can we not expand our focus to include areas of life beyond our dense physical apprehension?

As I said, materialism is the dumbest thing ever laid on us. It is the height of ignorance to think that the material planet is IT. It is actually embarrassing to remember that we, that I, actually thought that. It is the dumbest thing imaginable. In fact, it is the birthplace of all dumb things, including the notion that one of us is more wonderful than any other one of us. “The assumption of personal superiority is one of the most shameful manifestations of the imperfection of the spirit. It not only corrupts all the surroundings but it also remains as the greatest impediment to improvement.” Brotherhood #604 (This is an imperfection endemic to the human field. No tree thinks it is a better tree than its neighbor.)

And make no mistake about it being “laid on us”. Just now everyone is all in a dither over the kind of stuff that Donald Trump is peddling. But it is really nothing new. We, human beings, have been conned, indoctrinated, literally taught this game by legions of Golem-Trumps from practically the beginning.

The effort to keep us chained to Plato’s wall of ignorance worked very well for a long time, but “Way Showers” did come from Somewhere Else, and did show us. And through much blood and pain, we have learned that what the golems of the dark brotherhood are peddling is just stupid.

So, #1. We realize, and we feel greatly relieved to do so, that we actually live in a multidimensional cosmos. We are, and have always been, able to register this fact. That is, we have the equipment within this marvelous dense physical vehicle to hear, touch, see, taste, smell and discriminate between the dimensions of Somewhere Else.

However, as long as we assumed that these other dimensions did not exist, we were not able to consciously register them. Our ignorance actually had little if any effect on the actual existence of the non-dense dimensions. And now that we know that they do exist, we can expand our focus to include them simply by doing it.

Pay attention to what the senses are telling us! It is a matter of becoming conscious which is what evolution is about. Humanity is not only becoming conscious. It is becoming conscious of consciousness itself. It is consciousness that is conscious. So, big insight! We are consciousness!

Number 2.

Number two is really simple. However, it will take a lot of practice to actually embrace and demonstrate it because we have been so thoroughly programmed to think otherwise. First, we need to recognize what we learned from Number 1. Namely that we are the consciousness and not the forms we use. This recognition proceeds from an intelligent realization of what’s going on to a gradual implementation of living from the point of view of the Conscious Observer. (That’s another name for us. I will just call it the CO. If you’re really fond of the older name, “soul”, that is O.K. too, but it carries a lot of misconceived and sort of distorted connotations, like the word “spirit”.)

As we become more and more proficient at maintaining our focus from the expanded point of view of the CO, we will realize that the dense physical plane and everything on it is an effect of what is being done, (or more specifically, being Thought, because energy is directed by thought), on the higher planes of the multidimensional Cosmos. The existing field of intelligence is being used by conscious and unconscious thought to generate what appears on the Planet, all of it including all the ugly and horrible stuff as well as the beauty and truth.

One of the big reasons that our evolutionary path, from being blind to being able to see, has been so long and fraught with such pain and suffering is that, given our one-dimensional materialistic focus, we have always been trying to fix problems by working with and on the effects.

This habitual process has never worked. It fails because the “new” solution to the old problem carries the cause that generated the problem, and that cause unavoidably re-manifests itself in a new or slightly modified form of the problem. Hence, the observable results: endless greed/luxury, poverty, war, hunger, disease.

Take poverty for example. Economists, especially those who work for Corporations which includes practically all of them, and other “social scientists” have buried the factual day to day misery of poverty under a mountain of thoughtforms. They argue about such things as what constitutes poverty, how many kinds there are, how many people are in each kind and where they all live.

When Establishment run operations are doing the researching and concluding, poverty is getting a lot better. Also for a large number of these establishment related persons, poverty depends on where you live. So a guy living on the streets in Los Angeles is not as poverty stricken as a guy dying in the streets of say Mozambique. And a family of 3 or 4 living in the U.S. on the wages of 7-15$ an hour, when there is a job, is in deep luxury compared to the non-Establishment estimated 4.3 BILLION living on 5$ a day.

There is zero to very little in the exhaustive, statistic littered commentaries from the “social scientists” that even mentions the causes of poverty let alone eliminating it. An ironic conclusion stated in an article on poverty in Wikipedia, “Nevertheless, given the current economic model, built on GDP, it would take 100 years to bring the world’s poorest up to the previous poverty line of $1.25 a day.”

The Poor Will Always Be with Us

There is an ancient saying that is a kind of cornerstone supporting the illusion of materialism which generates separation and inequality. “The poor will always be with us.” This statement is a lie. It is a thoughtform that has and is being used to make us complacent, to encourage us to not think about WHY there is poverty. Its brother in sophistry would be “The wealthy will always be with us.” And of course this is also a lie but these two are brothers and, they always and only co-exist in the field of illusion and shadows.

The current economic model, which is simply another iteration of the old economic model, still, more obviously than ever, carries the causes for poverty and gluttony. These causes, mainly the illusions of exclusive and separative materialism and the assumption of personal superiority are generating the most serious imbalances we have ever known. These gross imbalances are not just in the area of poverty and wealth, but in all of our social systems including our responsibility for the environmental health of the planet.

The present gross imbalance in our planetary economic systems (the top .6% of the world’s population hold more wealth than the bottom 95 %) which have been modified and changed and manipulated over and over, is an excellent example of the endless chain of fixing a problem only to have it reappear in even grosser forms. This unconscious habit of trying to solve the effects of problems by modifying or adjusting them is an effect of our focus, of what we think is reality.

A Tiny Shift in focus

So, with just this tiny shift in focus all of these kinds of issues become crystal clear. There is absolutely no reason for anyone anywhere to starve to death, or to not know how to read, or to die of a ruptured appendix because there was no affordable medical care. Which is all Cool.

The bottom, or in this case the top, line in all this is that we simply accept what our experience and common sense tell us concerning the nature of reality and start trying to live from those expanded points of view. It’s an adventure. It’s Climbing a mountain while awake rather than stumbling into every crevasse and having to spend a few lives getting out and then having to deal with the Lords of Karma.

The End of Punishment

One big plus thing about this becoming the CO rather than some dolt struggling around with stuff, is that whole thing about punishment goes away. As the CO, we get to work from the top down. It’s like we go up by going down. We see the map from the end. It’s a matter of experimenting, experiencing and expressing.

Punishment never works anyway. Beauty cannot be forced on anyone least of all ourselves. Guilt and all of that stuff is non-productive. Nothing is the end of the world because, given the fact of infinity, there are no ends.

So, it’s really a tiny thing. One has to make a decision that perhaps there is something else, something that makes sense, something that sounds rational and then to try to live, to see from this other perspective.

It’s the difference between life and death.

Tom Carney
September 2016